Battery Descaler - Rapid Optimat 8822

Removes the salt and calcium deposited on the inking and dampening rollers. Provides a renewing effect on ink and water film. Once used correctly, a greater water-ink balance is achieved and a better distribution of the ink. The life of the rollers is lengthened by giving them excellent bite.

Rapid Optimat 8822 is a biological solvent for calcium in water, based on the elimination of salt and calcium deposited on the wetting and inking rollers. The descaler has a refreshing effect on the ink and water film.


• The cleaning action is carried out on a better moistened surface.
• Free of chlorinated hydrocarbons / chlorofluorocarbons and aromatic components.
• Not subject to classification.
• Acceptable for environment and user.
• Protects against corrosion.

Dilute Rapid Optimat 8822 with water in mixing ratios 1: 5 to 1:10. The roller should rotate free approximately five minutes after application. Afterwards, the roller must be rinsed with water and washing solution. If the deposits are extremely strong Rapid Optimat 8822 can be used undiluted concentrate.

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