CoBo Stack - Automatic Stacker

The MBO CoBo-Stack is a cobot, that is, a collaborative robot that does not need a protective cage.

Stacks of products, for example stacks of folded forms, are transported from delivery to the CoBo-Stack table. The cobot picks up the stacks from the table and places them on pallets.

This is a huge physical release for the operator on delivery. Pallets can be placed on both sides of the delivery, allowing for uninterrupted operation.

While the MBO CoBo-Stack fills a pallet, the operator can move the loaded pallet away and prepare the next empty pallet.
An indicator lamp glows in different colors, indicating to the operator various operating states of the cobot. For some operating states, there is an additional acoustic signal. This means that the operator does not need to stay directly at the production machine, giving them time to perform administrative tasks, for example, quality control or preparation of the next job.

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