Miyakoshi MJP13 LXV Digital Press

LED-UV digital inkjet press for label printing
The MJP13LXV is Miyakoshi's LED-UV inkjet digital bet for the label market, specially designed to meet the growing demand for short runs of excellent quality, while reducing start-up times and the amount of waste. .
Its high resolution of 1200 x 1200 dpi enables optimum print quality to be achieved. It has 3 heads per color and 3 different printing modes, allowing in each case the control and reduction of ink consumption.
With a speed of 50 meters / minute, it becomes a bet for the current flexographic industry incorporating the advantages of digital technology, which allows, among other characteristics, quick changes, agility and simplicity.
LED-UV dryers after each head to carry out the pinning process and an LED-UV dryer for final curing, ensuring a very high print quality. The elimination of ozone and mercury and the lack of thermal radiation of this curing technology allows to work a wide range of synthetic substrates, with a sensible saving of energy without forgetting that it works instantaneously, without waiting time.
Sophisticated Nitrogen Purge system that reduces the characteristic odor of UV inks.
Corona Treatment Unit to facilitate printing on plastic materials, such as PP, PE, etc.
Splice detection system: The sensor detects the splice and automatically raises the head to avoid any possible damage.
Automatic head cleaning system: 3 different cleaning options to keep the machine in optimal conditions efficiently.

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