EUCLID 5S - Digital die cutter for commercial printing, format B2

The Highcon Euclid 5S digital die cutter and crease has been specifically designed to meet the needs of printers working in either the B2 or 29-inch format.

In today's competitive marketplace, service is the keyword for long-term business growth and success.
By introducing digital capabilities into the postpress and / or finishing process, Highcon Euclid 5S opens up a whole new world of responsiveness for a wide range of applications.

For converters and print service providers with digital printing equipment, Euclid 5S enables a complete digital workflow, eliminating the bottleneck in the post-print stage.
For those with conventional printing equipment, digital finishing is the best way to grow your business by expanding the services they offer with a much more differentiated product offering.

Perfect for small format printers thanks to its extreme application versatility and the wide range of substrates or supports that it can work with.

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