Edale FDC-600 Flatbed Roll Feeding Die Cutter for Carton


Edale FDC-600 provides the efficiency of a roll-fed system and the benefits of flat-die cutting technology and versatility.

It combines the best of sheet-fed flat die technology with a state-of-the-art servo motor driven constant tension web transport system.

It has been specifically designed for rapid job and setup changeover when running in-line with flexographic or digital printing presses, creating a highly efficient, roll-fed, single-pass folding carton production line.

With a maximum speed of up to 13,000 impressions per hour, the ability to nest up to two products crosswise, pre-register, and the benefit of being able to configure the machine for a wide range of different box sizes and shapes without specialized tools, ensures that time downtime and media waste or loss are minimized.

The FDC-600 can be retrofitted to an existing Edale or third-party press, or to an unwinder for off-line conversion of pre-printed analog or digital webs.

The machine will work well with a wide range of thicknesses of cardboard and PET boxes with an optional upgrade.

Products can include cut, crease, emboss, and braille, and are delivered with a nesting system that will ensure easy and simple pickup.

A range of other delivery solutions are also available, such as a standalone Jumbo Unwinder, as well as side discharge conveyors and batch stackers.

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