Edale FL1 Prime flexo printing machine

The Edale FL1 Prime flexo press is the cost-effective solution for high-quality label printing

Have an old press that you want to replace or supplement?

The Edale FL1 PRIME is the cost-effective, high-productivity quality label flexo printing press.

Our design priority has been to create an affordable system that is exceptionally quick to set up, with minimal waste.

The FL1 Prime is intended as a logical replacement to the older mechanical presses used in the narrow web printing market.

Built on the foundations of its older sister, the Edale FL3, and utilizing Edale's 75 years of design, manufacturing and support experience, it enables a reliable solution to the growing demands for print quality within the label industry.

With the use of servo motor technology as standard and the quality of the world-renowned Uniprint print head design, repeatability and low waste are easily and consistently achieved and maintained.

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