Komori GL40 offset printing machine

Sheet offset printing machine B1 format 72 × 102

The Komori Lithrone G40 series combines the cutting edge technology of the LSX40 with the award-winning performance of the LS40 and is an exceptional machine for today's graphic arts market. Designed with Komori's full dedication to precision manufacturing, the G40 ensures high print quality with unmatched productivity.

Manufactured in line with Komori's environmental awareness, the Lithrone G40 promotes sustainable printing by reducing energy and consumable consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint of printing.

Thanks to Komori's revolutionary KHS-AI technology and a maximum print speed of 16,500 sheets per hour, the Lithrone G40 can only be defined as the ultimate high-performance offset press.

The development of the new range of Lithrone G40 machines responds to the search for high speed stability, superior print quality, suitability for short runs, equipment reliability, respect for the environment and greater production efficiency.

Equipped with the advanced KHS-AI integrated control system, the Lithrone G40 meets the needs of short duty cycles, short run capacity, the ability to create different printed products and reduced costs. In addition, the Lithrone G40 can be equipped with the OffsetOnDemand system, which will provide the solution to many of the problems faced by printers.

The machine offers a maximum print speed of 16,500 sheets per hour and has a very stable operation with sheet thicknesses of 0.04-0.8mm or 0.06-1.0mm. The incorporation of a new feeder and a new outlet guarantee stability at high speed.

The automatic plate change system without bending (Full-APC) and the flat jaw significantly improve work efficiency and shorten set-up.

Equipped with the KHS-AI system, PDCSX Spectral Print Density Control-SX, and the PQA-S print quality assessment system for sheetfed machines, the Lithrone G40 achieves high print quality even with less experienced operators.

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