Roll Offset Printing Machine - Komori S38D

32 page rotary offset printing machine

Renaissance of the industry-renowned Komori System 38S web offset printing system in a 32-page format to lead the expanding market for high-quality 32-page jobs.
Extremely productive 32-page press with top-quality print performance and state-of-the-art control systems. Take advantage of Komori technology to revolutionize setup and start-up times, opening up new markets that require the level of performance of the System 38.
39,000 iph print speed with innovative Komori operation. Maximize compatibility with 16-page System 38S rotary machines.
Maximum automation.
The result is the System 38D, a 32-page rotary offset printing machine. Productivity of a different order. Engineered from the ground up to fit any CIP4 / JDF workflow.
Equipped with Komori technologies to save time, reduce workload, print materials and protect the environment.

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