Rubber Printing Offset - Rollin Contrast Plus

Rollin Contrast Plus is a new concept of rubber from Rollin.

Developed with the most demanding printers and according to the most rigorous specifications. It materializes the result of significant effort and dedication and benefits from our knowledge and experience in rubber design, accumulated over the years.

This product is approved by machinery manufacturers. This breakthrough brings a new dimension to Rollin's traditional fortress. Delivers the sharpest, highest quality print day after day for a wide range of applications.

If your priority is high print quality, your choice cannot and should not be anything other than Rollin Contrast Plus.

And high print quality is not subjective. It is measurable and therefore controllable. Lower dot gain, better dot geometry and excellent sharpness and contrast of printed images will be easily achievable goals with the ideal offset rubber for a very demanding printer.

Are you one of them?

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