Semi-rotary offset UV Miyakoshi MEL

UV offset semi-rotary for label printing

Manufactured based on the MLP model, and using Miyakoshi's experience in design and manufacturing, the MEL enables the printer to produce high-quality labels. In addition, it can be configured with in-line finishing solutions.

The MEL13 is a label offset printing machine specifically developed for a very defined and specific environment and production conditions.

With a maximum and constant printing speed of up to 150i / m, regardless of the repetition length (up to a maximum of 330.2mm), with fast changeover times thanks to its complete automatic electronic system. In turn, its traction system (dancer and stepback) control the feeding of the paper with precision.

The UV offset semi-rotary for label printing has been designed to meet the increasing demand for small and medium runs of high quality labels and to reduce start-up times and reduce waste.
Thanks to the complete integration of the latest servo-drive technology, the MEL ensures precise forward and backward movement thus conserving tension throughout the press. Changes are fast thanks to the complete automatic electronic gear change system, facilitating this task without the use of tools.
The proven quality of offset technology enables label printers to achieve the best print quality, with clear dots and good tonal gradation that both flexo and letterpress technology cannot achieve.
Offset technology, in addition to being able to print with the highest quality, also reduces the start-up cost, proof of this is the cost of the plate, considerably lower than in Flexo technology.
Thanks to the fact that this cost is lower than other technologies, it allows the label printer to reduce its production cost, ensuring its margin in the current moments where the market is very competitive.
The different controls and adjustments such as the registration control, the balance between water / ink and the adjustments of the sectors are digitally controlled, thus achieving standardize the use of the machine.
Another feature offered by the MEL is that it does not require an operator with a lot of experience, since it is a very easy to use machine.

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