VALIANI OMNIA -Cutter plotter with automatic feeder

Valiani Omnia Automatic Feeder Cutting Plotter
Omnia has been designed to automatically feed and contour the material to be cut and / or creased.
The operator can load material up to 60cm x 80cm in size. Omnia will feed the material to the cutter arm using a suction system that lifts the material from the feeder and drags it onto the conveyor.
Feeder holds up to 500 sheets, depending on thickness. Once in position, the camera will detect crop marks and execute the crop file for the pre-printed graphics. Full sheets fall into the collection tray.
The software can control multiple workflow options, including cut files from various graphic design programs, QR code mode, and non-printed material.
Omnia is perfect for cardstock cutting projects, including packaging, business cards, and kiss-cut. With its robust design, it can also handle heavy material such as corrugated cardboard, boards and thin plastic sheets.

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