VALIANI OPTIMA V80- Cutting plotter for packaging

Cutting plotter for packaging
Valiani's Optima series ensures a wide range of finishing processes such as cutting and creasing, meeting the demands of different markets. It is the ideal die-cutting solution in the printing and packaging industries. Accuracy, reliability and flexibility are the key features.

Optimal is the latest and most advanced electronic cutting plotter; for users and professional and industrial environments, from Valiani.
Optimal is our best-selling machine: a precise, efficient and flexible cutting machine for framing. Robust and reliable, it is a cutting system for any type of production volume that will never stop you.
It is aimed at companies with medium and medium-high volume production that require robust and reliable equipment.

Equipped with two independent heads, one for cutting and the other for creasing, and a fixed "pen". Thanks to its double / triple head system, tool change downtime is kept to a minimum. It is ideal for large workflow projects. This combination translates into production of very high capacity and versatility by being able to work with all 3 heads simultaneously.

Ideal solution for medium production cutting and / or creasing of samples, prototypes ... in practically all types of materials and supports (cardboard, corrugated, vinyl, PVC ...).
Excellent for the preparation (cutting) of reserves in polymers, rubbers or blankets and offset varnishing plates.

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