Label and packaging printing press supplier

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Dutch developer and supplier of printing technologies for labels and flexible packaging.

Customers around the world choose MPS for its ease of operation, exceptional print quality and extremely high return on investment from our robust and proven printing presses.

The best machine builder

Our founders were pioneers. In the 90's and early 2000's they developed the first servo driven flexo press which was revolutionary at the time. MPS grew to become one of the leading builders of high quality printing presses.

Operator Focused

MPS puts operators first at every level of product development, down to the finest detail. Our presses help maximize the talents of your operators, allowing them to perform at their best.

print productivity

Operator motivation has proven essential to productivity. Our focus on the operator translates into unique product features and benefits, and ultimately the best print quality and print productivity.

beyond the machine

We strive to get the most out of the press, for maximum business results. We do this through innovations in Connectivity and Productivity, sharing our knowledge of the operation of machines and Applications, and offering the best Service in its class.

connect to grow

With 'Connect to Grow' as its new brand promise, MPS enables customers to unlock the full potential of their printing presses for maximum performance and return on investment.