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Baumann Gruppe is one of the largest companies in the post-press machinery and systems sector for the graphics industry. German manufacturer of cutting lines and systems.

Baumann-Wohlenberg and PERFECTA, have a long tradition and have successfully established themselves in the world market as leaders in innovation and technology. With the merger of the baumannperfecta belts, we have also merged the strengths and core competencies of these two companies from the Baumann Gruppe.

Baumannperfecta was the first and only manufacturer within the graphics industry in automate the vibration and equalization process, as well as the cutting process, ensuring operation without human intervention, in three shifts, 24 hours a day. 

Its product range includes, among others, equipment and peripheral machinery to its cutting guillotines (elevators and battery loaders, air tables, vibrators and pile equalizers ...) as well as pile turners and other equipment for printers.

Baumann Perfecta BSB_3L ultra fast guillotines
Baumann Perfecta BSB ultra fast guillotines

In addition, in 2018 baumannperfecta launched the BASS system, the first robotic solution based on current industrial robots within the finishing area of the graphics industry. The importance we attach to new technologies is also reflected in our departments of Investigation and development. With approximately 200 employees and a percentage of approximately 20% in mechanical engineering, this is above average.

Baumannperfecta BASS

Automatic cutting system

The latest innovation from Baumannperfecta is called BASS, automatic cutting systems.
For all products with the same cross-sectional design, the integrated robot replaces the operator's task.

First, before cutting, the material is placed in the square where it is held in position until the clamping bar intervenes.

After cutting, the post is aligned, which is then transported to the next processing machine. This transport can be to the right, the left or alternating to the right and left.

In combination with the fully automatic equalization system, the BaumannPerfecta BASA, the buffering and the other processing systems, it is possible to further increase the efficiency. .


Other advantages include the physical and temporary relief of skilled workers, as well as a modern, future-oriented design workplace. Programming the robot is simple and fast and is done by the operator through an additional control panel. In this way, setup times, even for different orders, are reduced to a minimum.

If necessary, the BASS cutting system can also be used in manual mode, that is to say as a "simple" guillotine. To do this, the robot moves to its stop position above the machine, therefore outside the operator's work area.

After the fully automatic leveling process, BaumannPerfecta has further automated the cutting process.

BaumannPerfecta thus again strengthens its position among the leaders in innovation and technology for cutting and logistics processes in the graphic industry sector.

100% Made in Germany 

Baumannperfecta cut guillotines are fully developed in Germany and manufactured in our plant located in Bautzen, Saxony. The robust basic construction of the machine frame ensures smooth operation and extremely precise cutting results. Used components and parts, such as low-wear gears, are designed for continuous operation, so that the machines can operate in three shifts, 24 hours a day. The highest safety standards, including GS and CE certification, guarantee safe operation for the human team that works with them.

Solms, Germany
Cuts with Baumann precision

Perfect cutting results

Precision and performance characterize baumannperfecta guillotines. Thanks to easy operability and visualization of the actual work process image, the operator has full control over the actual cutting process. The newly developed cutting cell with the innovative active damping system automatically regulates the cutting pressure, thus offering a much longer blade life. In this way, both blade sharpening and spare parts costs are considerably reduced.

High availability

Baumannperfecta Cut Guillotines are designed for 3 shift operation. The software supports maintenance work such as blade change, lubrication, cleaning, etc., which are displayed on the new system and control panel through animations that guide the operator.

An additional sensor system monitors the work steps during maintenance and thus prevents errors and possible breakdowns. This extensive package of services is backed by the possibility of a remote maintenance service to be able to act much faster.

In addition, each machine is equipped with an integrated lockable tool cabinet that contains the tools necessary for changing blades and maintenance work. Another innovation is the full coverage of the back table, avoiding direct access to the back gauge. The cover is not only used for safety reasons, it also ensures that the drive shaft and guide remain free of dust and dirt.

Baumann Perfect High Availability