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Mutoh large format inkjet printers

Japanese manufacturer of large format inkjet printers

In Europe alone, more than 20,000 Mutoh large format printers have been installed.
Quality is the common denominator of all Mutoh large format products, including inkjet printers with piezoelectric heads and cutting plotters for signs and posters, industrial specialty items, digital transfer printing and direct-to-textile applications.
Specifically, at OMC, we focus on its LED-UV printing printers and / or plotters, from its Specialty / Industrial division, both in roll and / or flexible applications as well as in rigid applications.

Mutoh's UV LED printing technology has brought digital printing to the three-dimensional world. Specific designs on demand, objects, prototypes, decorative items, posters, packaging, labels ... The applications are endless. Discover the magic of white and varnish inks and print on substrates of any color, light or dark. Create amazing special effects with special structures, intricate designs or selective varnishes, among many other possibilities.

We believe that experience is very important, and we have it to spare! Mutoh is one of the world's leading manufacturers of piezo drip-on-demand large-format inkjet printers and cutters, setting the bar high for innovation, quality, customer service and local support. refers.
Mutoh's experience dates back to 1952, when it began manufacturing technographs and later made the leap to printing plotters and cutting plotters. When inkjet technology emerged 20 years later, there was Mutoh!

US11 Flexible UV LED Inks

Developed specifically for Mutoh UV LED printers, the US11 ink set with white and transparent inks gives you the opportunity to print on both objects, roll substrates and rigid materials.
US11 4-color inks (whiter and clearer) deliver an ultra-sharp, high-quality end result on transparent and colored substrates, as well as multi-layer printing and selective varnish effect. US11 inks are GREENGUARD Gold certified to ensure they meet the strictest standards for low VOC emissions and are shipped in 220ml cartridges or 800ml containers (500ml for white)

  • Suitable for rigid materials, including objects
  • The final result is dry and ready to finish straight from the printer
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Cool UV Curing Technology - Low power consumption and ideal for heat sensitive materials
  • 0 % COV; without PAH; no air purifier needed
  • Excellent adhesion and scratch resistance
  • Complies with the EN 71-3 standard: Safety of toys Part 3: Migration of certain elements
  • GREENGARD Gold Certification
  • US11 inks have been developed for both indoor and outdoor roll and rigid applications.


Coil: High-quality graphics for short viewing distances such as trade show graphics, backlit banners, custom wallpapers and interior decoration, banners and posters.

Rigid: Images on wood, polycarbonate, phone cases, badges, business cards and magnets, posters, cardboard and small-unit packaging prototypes.


US11 Mutoh ink, inkjet cartridges
US11 LED UV InkPack

Short description

Reduce your production time, expand your range of applications, and produce high-quality graphics with true added value with the Mark II Series 6-Color (C, M, Y, K, Clear and White) printers made in Japan from Mutoh.
With two long-life LED UV lamps and two piezoelectric print heads offering print resolutions up to 1440 x 1440 dpi, these printers will ship instant dry goods, ready for use or post-treatment.
The Mark II series printers feature new industry-leading print modes and features such as VerteLith ™ Clear Tone, Intelligent Interweaving UV and DropMaster proofing technologies developed by Mutoh.
Last but not least, the printers also come with authentic Mutoh VerteLith ™ RIP software with advanced support for all 6 conduits.
Unleash your creativity and discover a variety of new applications. Add more value with white and transparent inks that enable printing on transparent and non-white substrates, multilayer graphics, and selective varnish effects.
The Mark II series printers are ideal for the production of high quality graphics: decorative prints and graphics for store promotion, graphics for point of sale and retail, prints for floors and shop windows, custom decorative prints for walls, stickers, spaces Blank for signage, exhibition graphics, graphic arts prints, packaging samples and more.

Mutoh Mark II, Japanese inkjet printer manufacturer


• 162 cm (64 ”) wide printers with dual UV LED head and two lamps
• LED UV C, M, Y, K, white and varnish inks for a special or luxury finish
• Printing on white, transparent and non-white substrates
• Instant dry result, ready for use or for further treatment
• Energy efficiency: Low heat emission, ideal for heat sensitive substrates
• Integrated Intelligent Interweaving i² UV and DropMaster technologies
• VerteLith ™ Clear Tone revision produces the best possible gradients and skin tones
• Ideal for any office, small retail or home-based business
• Low odor, 0 % VOC inks, no need for purified air
• Excellent adhesion and scratch resistance
• Greenguard Gold Certified US11 Inks for Indoor Use
• US11 inks: Certified for toys

UV LED local dimming control

A considerable boost in productivity, as well as a reduced risk of dust contamination of glossy print areas.
The XpertJet 461UF and 661UF direct-to-object printers are equipped with a newly developed segmented 5 cm (2 ”) wide UV lamp. The UV lamp has 6 different sections. Each section of the lamp can be individually controlled, allowing the production of multiple varnish effects in a single pass.

Varnish gloss, semi-gloss or matte effects can be produced in a single pass for prints that combine CMYK + varnish or white + varnish. The result is a considerable boost in productivity, as well as a reduced risk of dust contamination of glossy print areas.

VerteLith ™ - Authentic Mutoh RIP Software

A complete and compact printing solution with advanced support for all 6 conduits to easily handle a wide variety of printing tasks, including multi-layered graphic jobs that require white and / or varnish layers.
VerteLith ™ software is built around the Harlequin server processor, ensuring fast RIP processing times for PDF and PostScript files, as well as flawless handling of transparencies and selective colors.
To avoid waste, the software includes powerful preview functionality, supporting on-screen color proofing and RIP previewing of actual printed dots before printing.
By integrating halftone revision specifically developed for inkjet, Mutoh's VerteLith ™ Clear Tone will produce the best possible gradients and skin tones.
To complete the software's beginner's toolbox, VerteLith ™ can also automatically generate white or varnish layers based on pre-selected settings and allow you to calculate the cost of ink before printing.
The result can be perfectly prepared for the next step in the production process with the finishing tool set, which allows flexible layouts and markings for cuts or perforations.

Piezo Head Technology, how does it work and what are the benefits?

Piezoelectric and drip-on-demand print heads were introduced to large-format printers in the 1990s, greatly expanding the applications and opportunities for large-format users. It meant that, at last, solvent and UV-cured inks originally associated with screen printing processes could now be digitally printed. Thermal print heads that had previously been the only technology available for large format printers could not accommodate these types of ink. It was a revolutionary development for the industry.

The science

Piezoelectric heads work through the expansion and contraction of a piezoelectric crystal (usually lead zirconate titanate, known as PXT) located at the back of the ink reservoir. Glass expands and contracts (or flexes) when an electrical current is passed through it. So every time a dot is needed, a current is applied to the piezoelectric crystal which flexes and in doing so forces a drop of ink out of the nozzle.

Since electrical current can be turned on and off instantly, glass expansion / contraction is just as instantaneous, so there is much more scope to control dot formation than with thermal heads.

Many piezoelectric heads are known as "drip on demand" heads. Drip-on-demand heads are the type most commonly found in modern wide-format printers. Drip on demand means that inkjet nozzles generate and project ink droplets when and where they are needed to produce a mark on media.

Piezo heads can also generate variable size droplets from the same chamber and nozzle, providing different ink densities on the material. Most can produce ink droplets as small as 1.3 picoliters. This technology provides the user with the highest ink precision for detailed jobs such as photography, artwork and small text, as the ink droplets provide a sharper, grain-free print with smoother tonality transitions. They are called grayscale heads.

Because the print heads are integrated into a transport that travels back and forth at certain speeds and accelerations, it is not always possible to use all the possible drop volumes of a print head during the printing process. The reason for this is that jet drops are also subject to turbulence during travel, influencing their travel path.

Advantages of piezoelectric heads compared to thermal print heads

  • No heat is used to expel the drops. Heat can change the mechanical composition of the ink.
  • Piezo heads are compatible with a wider variety of ink types and ink ingredients
  • The user has access to a wider number of applications
  • Heads are more durable than thermal heads and need to be exchanged only infrequently. Sometimes they can even last the life of the printer, if they are well maintained.
  • Provides precise and variable drops, saves ink waste.
Mutoh ValueJet 1638UR Mark II | Piezoelectric Heads

History of Mutoh with piezoelectric head technology

At Mutoh, we've been integrating on-demand piezoelectric inkjet technology into all of our large-format UV, solvent, and water-based digital inkjet printers since 1999. We know piezoelectric inkjet technology from foot to foot! head!

The key to our success has been the development of dedicated inks suitable for specific piezo heads, covering specific applications. Mutoh's leading market since 2006 has been our intelligent Interweaving (i²) technology. With this technology, the ink is placed in a "wave pattern", offering a perfect, sharp and consistent quality of the final product without compromising print speeds.