Baumannperfecta BASA

automatic pile equalizing vibrator

The world's first system capable of fully automatically aligning stacks of a wide variety of materials and / or substrates.

For cutting widths 115 | 132 | 168

After the fully automated vibration and equalization process, baumannperfecta BASA, we can also automate the cutting process.

BASS is the name of the latest innovation developed by Baumann. BASS stands for Baumann Automatic Cutting System and does exactly what its name suggests.

The BASS system is the perfect automation solution for your finishing process, whether it's label production, packaging, or commercial printing processes. 

Fully automatic, robot-assisted process of the strips to be cut, including transport to the processing machine, for example to a die cutter or any other converting machine. The process involves both the proper alignment and orientation of the posts. The BASS system can be used on baumannperfecta high speed cutters 115 to 168. Of course, manual operation is also possible at any time.

Application in environments:

  • Where large volumes of production need to be processed
  • Where large format printing sheets need to be processed
  • When ergonomic constraints require an automatic matching process
  • When the cutting process needs to be automated

It has two modes of operation different:

  1. During automatic operation, BASA processes the incoming stack without operator assistance and provides posts of sheets that are even and aligned at the desired height for further processing.
  2. For sensitive materials and small runs, BASA has a manual operating mode that operates similarly to a conventional equalizing machine.

Automatic pile equalization system