BaumannPerfecta BSW AUP pile turner

"A small step for the pile (turning, vibrating and aerating), but a big leap for the productivity of your offset printing or die cutting"

The BaumannPerfecta BSW-AUP pile turner has been specially designed to meet the demands of nonstop automatic systems in the feeding of sheets and / or sheets in offset printing machines and die cutters.

In packaging plants (folding or corrugated cardboard) having a pile turner, with vibration and aeration, is of fundamental importance to increase the productivity of your offset printing and / or die-cutting processes.

Among other processes, its offset printing machines are capable, in many cases, of working at 18,000 sheets / hour, with a fully automatic battery feeding system. In addition, they require being able to work with special pallets.

With the BaumannPerfecta AUP pile turner, they can turn piles with a maximum height of 2.02m and a maximum weight of up to 2Tn, depending on the format.

Its powerful vibration and aeration system separates sheets and removes dust, drastically reducing stops in sheet feeding (printing or die-cutting) caused by sheets sticking together.

The BaumannPerfecta BSW-AUP pile turner can perform a wide variety of tasks:
  • Pile flip
  • Accurate and centered pile alignment by means of extendable rulers
  • Change transport pallet / system pallet
  • Aerate and thus separate the sheets before the printing or die-cutting process
  • Turning of printed material from very fine structure to very consistent
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