Cyanoplan, a company located in Bizkaia with more than sixty years of history, has been the first company in the Basque Country to install a MGI multi-support digital printing machine, specifically the Meteor DP 8700 XL +. With this incorporation, Cianoplan aims to expand both its range of services and the client portfolio thanks to the quality, reliability and versatility offered by the new equipment, distributed in Spain by WTO.

Since its inception in the 1950s, as a center for the reproduction of plans, Cyanoplan has been diversifying its offer throughout these years until it has become a one-stop printing center, offering from the layout and preparation of the files, to their printing, manipulation and subsequent distribution, covering the entire process and making a comprehensive and personalized service available to customers.

With more than 1,000 m2 of facilities in various centers and a staff of 27 professionals, this company offers offset printing, digital printing and variable data, large format posters with printing on flexible and rigid supports, finishes, digitization and printing of historical documents, duplication of cd and dvd, printing of plastic cards, reproduction of plans, personalization of documents and folders… “Our increase Throughout these years -explains Aitor Olaso, manager of Cianoplan- it has been based both on the expansion of our range of services like in the expansion of the localities in which we are present, always hand in hand with the needs of our clients to which we wanted to respond from the closeness and professionalism. Thus, currently, we have seven stores in Bizkaia: Getxo, Barakaldo, Zamudio and three in Bilbao ".

Cianoplan has a great diversity of client types, from companies to freelancers, engineers, etc. the store counter customer being very important to them. "Stores are more than just a copy shopWe work with many freelancers and companies, and we continue to attract more clients through the store counter. Hence, we want to open them to the public, give them a more commercial perspective and not exclusively as mere production centers ”.

Quality and versatility, determining factors for Cianoplan

Cianoplan decided a few months ago to expand its machinery park with the incorporation of a multi-support digital printing machine from MGI, the MGI Meteor DP 8700 XL +. Asked about the reasons for this decision, Aitor Olaso comments: “Mainly, we were looking for an important leap in quality, since we had detected that the market was beginning to demand quality levels that we were not in a position to offer with the equipment we had. After evaluating the different options available in the market, we decided that the MGI was the one that best suited both our current needs and future ones in the short and medium term ”.

In addition to quality, other factorss were decisive for the company when deciding on this team: significant cost savings, the ability to print on other types of media, such as plastics, the option to produce small runs of envelopes and the ability to work in formats larger than A3. “The fact of being able to work with larger formats - points out the manager of Cianoplan - will allow us the possibility of offering our clients a range of products and services greater than the current one, as well as expanding our current portfolio of clients. The other aspect that led us to choose this machine, its ability to print on a wide variety of media, although it is something that we have not yet explored, we are convinced that in a reasonable time it will be another factor to assess very positively. Our current priority is to produce well with paper and, when we have that under control, we will start testing and experimenting with work on other types of media ".

In the time they have been working with the MGI Meteor DP 8700 XL +, the head of Cianoplan especially highlights the quality they are obtaining. “We are very happy with the machine, for its stability in printing, the continuity in the runs, the reliability of the colors… but especially because of the jump in quality we have obtained, which is what we expected and sometimes even more. Our runs are short and we make many job changes in a day, so having these aspects perfectly controlled is essential. Throughout this process, the response of the technical service and the OMC to any doubt or need has been excellent, we have had their help and advice at all times ".

The Meteor DP8700 XL + multi-media digital press, MGI's flagship DP8700 series, is probably one of the most versatile digital printing machines in the industry, being able to print on a wide range of media paper and plastic. Designed for printing large volumes of material, it can produce up to 4,260 A4 / Letter size sheets and 2,280 A3, also admitting sizes up to 330 x 1200 mm thanks to its new super wide format mode.

You accept papers between 65 and 400 g / m2 with both matte and glossy finishes, CS1 and CS2 papers, textured papers, labels / stickers; Y plastics with a thickness between 100 and 400µ such as PVC, polycarbonate, polyester, Teslin®, vinyl, PET and many others.

The MGI Meteor DP8700 XL + offers a speed of 71 pp. A4 / letter minute, works with a resolution of 3,600dpi / 270lpi and has 18 conventional and 3 stochastic weft options.

This machine responds to the work philosophy of all MGI digital presses based on a concept or model similar to that of any offset machine, which allows great savings in production without the obligation of monthly minimums by not having pay per click.

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