Located somewhat far from the large graphic production centers, Serra Indústria Gràfica enhances its service capacity with a philosophy of constant innovation to materialize one of its mottos day by day, "Printers of great ideas". Its early incorporation into digital printing has not been an obstacle to keep advancing the latest offset technology, with the recent installation of a Komori Lithrone G40 in its production center.

Luis Serra is already part of the second generation of printers at the head of Serra Indústria Gráfica, "A printing company that was founded by my father more than 50 years ago and that began its journey, naturally, with typography". Over the years this graphic services firm, located in the Valldepins industrial estate, in the Tarragona town of Ulldecona, has carried out a long journey through the different technologies available at all times, from the aforementioned typography to the appearance and diffusion of offset, of one, of two bodies and then, taking advantage of its transfer to new and more spacious facilities, with 1,500 square meters in which a team made up of 16 professionals strives daily, they incorporated the four-color offset.

"Customers began to send their orders", says Luis Serra, "Including more and more color requirements, indicating Pantones ... increasingly complicated jobs that led us to incorporate a five-color press. It was a time of great activity, which allowed us to take a great leap, increase production, incorporate post-press equipment. In the early years of this century, we already had automatic punching machines, a collector, a die-cutter ... and we also started in digital printing. The year 2007 was key, we installed various digital printing equipment until we reached more complete machines like the ones we have now ".

Pioneers in digital printing

In those days it was shocking, for the traditional printer, the business model of the companies supplying digital printing equipment, which was based on subscriptions and charging per 'click'. A business dynamic that is already accepted and widespread today that has taken time to settle into the business mentality of the graphic industry in our country. "Towards the year 2010", adds Luis Serra, "We incorporated a better binding machine and entered the 70 x 100 cm format ..., they were the years of crisis, but we continue to bet on investment", an effort and clear vision of the future which has been the driving force for the survival of many printing companies in our country, such as Indústria Gràfica Serra.

Global graphics services

Finally, the news of this firm offers a global service in graphic solutions, and have thoroughly prepared for give personalized answers to each client, in all phases of production, from design to shipment and distribution, going through pre-printing, equipped with modern CtP equipment, to post-printing, going through both offset and digital printing. With the combination of these capabilities and technologies, they are in a position to respond to the needs of their customers and solve their challenges with solvency.

In this way, your team of professionals can offer, if necessary, graphic design, layout and photomechanical solutions, shaping their own final arts, with the consequent complexities of the subsequent process, either in file manipulation or in color management, even in out-of-gamut colors and profiles. All of this can be done with different finish variants, such as ring binders, book-format binding, microperforated forms in different combinations, complex folding, gloss-matte laminates, UVI, dry relief of luminescent or aromatic inks, or stamping.

"And although in some management master courses that we have done", says Luis Serra, “Indicate that the distribution service is usually a 'black hole', we have own fleet of vans to supply the finished product to the customer throughout our geographical area, and periodically also to large cities such as Barcelona or Tarragona, because in the area where we are, there is not so much offer in courier and if you do not take it, you cannot guarantee a good service ".

Indústria Gràfica Serra, therefore, offers service both to local clients and to those of the large capital cities near their surroundings, reaching Castellón and Teruel ... "And we also compete in Barcelona"says Luis Serra, “In products such as books, rates, business cards, etc. The truth is that what we work a lot here is the subject of the furniture catalog, which requires great accuracy, perfection and quality of reproduction ".

In any case, in all these areas the current downward trend in circulation, the seasonality of activity peaks and some inclination towards customizationHence the great success in the early incorporation of digital printing by this company. "It may be the case", explains Luís Serra, "That an order arrives at eight o'clock in the morning and, given the coincidence of our distribution route, it can arrive at the client's house at 10 o'clock, after having printed, cut and packed".

TOfront offset short runs with H-UV offset technology

To continue facing this drift towards the reduction of runs, the innovative H-UV offset technology by Komori brings important advantages, thanks to instant dry of the printed work as your higher print quality and disappearance of the dry-down effect, typical of conventional offset technology.

In addition, the high degree of automation of your new Komori GL540 + C, allows you to perform job changes with great efficiency. "For these reasons", says Luis Serra, “We decided to renew our offset production line with a new press. We studied different proposals from various suppliers and finally we bet on Komori, since with OMC sae It is with whom we saw a more transparent operation in which the proposal fit us. From now on, the change we have noticed has been surprising, when we went to work using non-greasy inks, we no longer had to wait for them to dry, we eliminated the use of anti-scale powders, no scratches were produced due to their high resistance to friction ... once the sheet comes out, it is cut, folded, stapled, or whatever it takes without wasting time ".

Komori Lithrone G40 combines cutting-edge Komori technology with the reconomical and innovative world leading technology, with more than 1,000 installations, low-energy H-UV drying; and it stands as an exceptional machine for today's graphic arts market. Designed with Komori's full dedication to precision manufacturing, the G40 ensures high print quality with unmatched productivity. Manufactured in line with Komori's environmental awareness, the Lithrone G40 promotes sustainable printing by reducing energy and consumable consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint of printing.

Thanks to Komori's revolutionary KHS-AI technology and a maximum print speed of 16,500 sheets per hour, the Lithrone G40 guarantees high performance.

Precisely, the expansion of the high speed tracking control function, to support higher print speeds, and over-the-air control presets (optional) managed by the KHS-AI system with self-learning function facilitate very efficient paper changes, a crucial factor for very short-run jobs on various printed products.

On the other hand, thanks to the optimization of the feeding and the sheet output, the size, thickness, type and fiber direction of the paper are adapted, in addition to the registration presets. The Lithrone G40 is capable of handling jobs with increasingly frequent short lead times.

The fully automatic plate changing system without bending (Full-APC) offers astonishing speed, allowing you to change four plates in just two minutes, and complete the job change in approximately seven minutes. Furthermore, the prubbers cleaning rubbers, impression cylinders and ink rollers are fully automatic and extremely simple: just press a button.

All these advances, contributed by Komori technology, are what the professionals of Indústria Gràfica Serra valued to increase your productivity, respond to progressively smaller run jobs, and maintain offset printing quality excellence.

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