We celebrate 35 years! Thirty-five years between printers.

It all started in 1987. Every project is born from a idea, of a delusion, of a vocation...

The WTO was probably born from a little of each of them. A passion, a vocation, an illusion… And yes, we are already in 2022.

35 years of history. And the history is built day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year... Each of them full of experiences, experiences, anecdotes, satisfactions, disappointments… with our successes and our mistakes.

Komori - Offset printing
Komori | Offset printing

It is very difficult to choose that moment, that image or that memory that best represents all these 35 years, but always, in every trajectory, there are some that mark and leave a mark because they represent, in one way or another, a turning point. The first step down a different path than the one you were on.

Start. It is clearly one of them. “Just at that precise moment when the first demonstrations of trust in your person or in your project are the result not of who we are but of who we are”. This is where we want to give thanks to all those first customers and suppliers who trusted in WTO. We remain fellow travelers to many of them.

MBO press brakes
MBO | folding machines

and it arrived 1992. until not long ago, one of the most difficult times for our economy and our sector. The horizon was grey, almost black. And Graphispag was like flipping a coin. "It could come heads, it could come tails. Came out face”. And it came out expensive thanks to those printers who, facing adversity, opted to continue investing in state-of-the-art offset printing and finishing machinery.

Year in which we started working on emblematic brands in our history, such as Komori and rollin, and where we started to be Leading suppliers and benchmarks in the offset printing market.

The impact of this crisis was especially virulent in the graphics sector with very significant drops in activity, employment, turnover... Obviously, this situation required look for new solutions to respond to new demands or market requirements: short run, fast deliveries… And that's how we entered, together with MGI, on digital printing. Natural complement to the offset printer to provide your business with greater flexibility.

Baumann perfect postpress
baumann perfect | postpress

In any case, hard and complicated years. Especially considering where we came from. Still, in our memory, it was present Graphispag 2007, one of the highest points of our sector at a national level.

And during those years short but firm steps. Our condition and profile as a (family) distributor company required it. Until 2015.

So what happened in 2015? Our entire professional career had been directed, almost exclusively, to the commercial printing and packaging market, either in sheet and/or coil. Why not transfer all our experience and knowledge to another market? Said and done. We landed in the self-adhesive label market, with semi-rotary offset printing technology Miyakoshi.

Miyakoshi | offset printing labels
Miyakoshi | Offset Printing Labels

35 years of history. And history is built day by day, week by week, month by month, year by year... Each of them full of experiences, experiences, anecdotes, satisfactions, disappointments... with our successes and our mistakes.

It is time to remember but, above all, to celebrate. Every birthday is always cause for celebration.

If we continue to be one of the family businesses with the longest history in the sector, if we continue to be worthy of your trust and if we continue to provide solutions and advances to our clients; Only in this way will our wish be fulfilled.

Thanks to all of you who have made it possible for us to reach 35!

offset printing
offset printing | Komori

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