Aries Graphic Innovation, a leading company in the Spanish graphic scene, was born in Madrid in 1974 under the name of Gráficas Aries. If something has characterized the future of this Madrid company in its more than 40 years of history is the ability to reinvent itself, adapting to changes in the environment and turning the enemy into an ally and threats into opportunities.

From its first location in the Madrid neighborhood of Carabanchel to its current facilities in Pinto, where it has 3,500 square meters built and one 80 people staff, some crucial moments have marked the evolution of Aries Innovación Gráfica, as highlighted by its CEO Antonio Martín Coello. “The first important step was the relocation to new facilities where we already incorporate four-color machines. Another key moment in Aries history was the merger in 1996 with Gráficas Alfil -company founded six years before by Antonio Martín Coello - year in which it was also produced the first addition of a Komori machine. In 2000 we acquired the land where we are currently located and from that moment the company made progress in machinery, personnel, technology ... until in 2005 we founded the advertising agency Alfil Comunicación which, although at first it was focused on the graphic design now offers multichannel, crossmedia and customer experience services. On 2007 we incorporate the first Komori 8 color machine and Recently We have acquired the second 8-color Komori".

The incorporation this second 8 color machine has been based on several reasons: on the one hand, the growth that the company is experiencingoh, for another, your production speed that allows them to offer an effective response to customer demand in terms of increasingly tight delivery times. "In the year 1996 we started our relationship with OMC and Komori, points out Antonio Martín, and until now we are very satisfied with the teams that they offer us and, especially, with the care and service received”. Aries Graphic Innovation currently has 28 printing units on five machines, including two Komori of 8 colors and one of 6.

From printing to communication

In 2005 Aries began a process of evolution towards a new business concept As a communication group, aware that a change was taking place in the way of perceiving the value of printing and the printed product. “After carefully analyzing and listening to the market, we realized that it was necessary to add more added value to our service offering, which would allow us to meet the new communication needs of customers and, as far as possible, anticipate their needs. future expectations ". This process began with the incorporation of graphic design, with the creation of Alfil Comunicación, where later the new communication channels that were appearing from the online world "That many perceived as an enemy but that we chose to make him our ally", offering services in crossmedia, web and newsletter design, multichannel campaigns, customer experience, etc..

Another novel aspect in the company's service offering is the launch of the Ecomwork management platform, designed so that those companies that have geographic relocation can manage their graphic communication needs (cards, brochures, posters ...) in a more rational and direct way. Each company has an ecommerce that all its branches can access and place their orders based on designs and templates approved by the headquarters. Aries covers the entire process, from design to printing, binding, finishing, warehousing and logistics, distribution ... "This fully automated platform is being very interesting for marketing managers of large companies, franchises ... because it offers them, in addition to a reduction in costs and a download of work, an absolute control of its use, via statistics, reports ..." explains Antonio Martín.

The ability to adapt to different environments, the constant innovation and the closeness to customers and their needs are the pillars On which Aries Innovación Gráfica has been based for its development, giving rise to a project promoted by its director, Antonio Martín Coello, but shared by his entire team. "All these projects have allowed us to differentiate ourselves within the graphic market, offering the image of a solid, innovative company, in permanent evolution and growth, which has been very well received by our clients".

Environment and CSR, a personal commitment

The commitment to environmental aspects and of social responsability has been a constant in the company, in fact it has certifications in ISO 9001 and 14000, chain of custody, is adhered to the United Nations Global Compact…, the result of a personal conviction of its highest authority. “It was necessary to carry out clear, but also recognized, actions in these fields to show that we are a clean company that cares about the environment by recycling one hundred percent of the paper we use, using ecological inks, implementing programs to reduce energy consumption ... ". To this is added the concern for the more social aspect, by people, "Because we believe that it is the most important value that a company can have", carrying out continuous training programs and reconciliation of family and professional life. This commitment has been recognized with the award, last year, of an award for "Labor Conciliation" by the Pinto City Council.

For Antonio Martín, all these values have to come from the management to the rest of the staff so that they really go to be part of the company's DNA. "Entrepreneurs also have, to a certain extent, the responsibility of helping to recover many principles and values that have been lost in recent years, values such as honesty, seriousness, respect, work, generosity, commitment ... towards ourselves and towards society".

A new business project

Based on those values of trust, generosity, commitment ... and taking into account the difficult situation that the graphic arts sector was going through, in 2010 Antonio Martín decided to start a new business project, the UniON project, based on the strength of the union and that only powerful companies will be able to stay in the market, be competitive and continue to add value to society.

Seven companies are already part of this project, which basically consists of sharing the same production center but keeping each company its image, its clients, its entity ... "It is not an easy path, because there are many aspects to value and deeply rooted concepts to overcome - points out the director of Aries Graphic Innovation - but if it is approached with total sincerity, with all the cards on the table, this idea and that other entrepreneurs share it. In short, it is a good way for companies to continue to maintain their presence and identity in the market while offering competitive prices, service and efficiency, without having to worry about day-to-day production ".

All the companies that are part of the UniÓN Project disonen of the communication agency, what facilitates from the design of a catalog to the design of a crossmedia or multichannel marketing campaign, graphic and web designers, copywriters, photographers ..., prepress, 70 × 100 printing, small format and digital, all the binding and finishing parts... allowing him toMost jobs start and end at your facility, thus gaining in time, costs and quality.

Future projects in a still difficult environment

For Antonio Martín the situation of the graphic sector is still complicated And while it is true that it seems that the worst is over, continues to be immersed in a profound process of change and restructuring. “On the one hand, says the director of Aries Innovación Gráfica, it is necessary to continue adjusting the production capacity to the real needs of the market but, on the other, companies will have to adapt and provide service to a new type of customer that asks for much more than print only. Only in this way will we be able to be a strong and competitive sector, being aware that past times will never come back ".

In this context, Aries Graphic Innovation faces the future betting on continuing to expand its portfolio of services, especially on the subject of finishes where they are incorporating new machines to personalize online, gum, glue, etc., but also for giving more added value to the customer in the part prior to the design on crossmedia issues, customization, personalization ... with a lot of influence on the issue of big data, to help your clients get more clients. “We are in the world of communication, where the printed product continues to occupy a very important place but it is no longer the only means of communication. And this is where personalization plays a very important role in providing a distinctive and unique value to the printed product ".

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