Founded in 1925 and currently managed by the third generation of the Rosés family, the company Rosés lithograph, located in Gavá, Barcelona; has evolved in these more than ninety years of history to become a clear reference within the graphic industry. The constant investment in technological equipment and the development of a solid human team have allowed the company to offer high-quality printing, always responding to customer needs thanks to continuous innovation and improvement of products and services.

The last step in this policy of action has been the incorporation of a Komori Lithrone G40 H-UV offset machine, 5 colors plus varnish tower, from which Litografía Rosés has not only increased its production capacity but also has expanded its service offering to customers and has improved the quality of printed products.

The new Komori Lithrone G540 + C H-UV It became fully operational last August with two shifts and only a month later a third was incorporated, so that it is currently working 24 hours a day, five days a week. “In these six months - points out Cayetano Triguero, head of the Litografia Rosés printing department - they have been able to print around five million sheets, and that taking into account that the average run in all jobs has been reduced by one considerably and many changes are made throughout the day. We are talking about works of a very high quality, very careful, with very special supports that in conventional offset would have meant many more complications when printing ”.

Technology and professionalism at the customer's service

This new acquisition adds to a complete park of state-of-the-art machinery that covers all stages of the production and post-production process: pre-printing and CTP areas, color presses, direct marketing, flatbed machines, digital printing, bookbinding. stapled and rustic, auxiliary services ... thanks to which Litografía Rosés can make any printed product responding to the needs of its customers and offering a complete and comprehensive service.

"One of the objectives of Litografía Rosés, since its creation 90 years ago, has been to offer customers useful and quality services that help them in their own business, to become more of a partner than a supplier and This has required us to always have the most advanced printing techniques and technologies ”, explain the company's representatives. The company currently has 7,000 square meters of facilities and a staff of one hundred professionals, with whom they serve both the national and international markets.

When the recent acquisition of SYL, a company specialized in the production of very high quality books and graphic products by Litografia Rosés, made clear the need for the company to significantly increase its production capacity in flat, with the flexibility and versatility that the market currently demands, the natural choice for the Rosés family was the Komori brand, a company in which they have trusted for years for the technology and performance offered by their equipment, but also for the good representation with which this Japanese factory has in Spain from the hand of OMC. "The experience of Litografía Rosés with Komori machines, some of which have been in the company for nearly twenty years, in terms of printing quality, robustness, absence of breakdowns both electronically and mechanically ... has been excellent" highlights Cayetano Triguero .

Komori yes but… H-UV?

Another aspect was the choice of H-UV technology that although at the beginning it generated some doubts, perhaps due to the company's condition as a conventional offset printer, with fat-based inks; today there is no doubt that it was an absolutely correct decision as confirmed by the person in charge of the printing area at Litografía Rosés, stating: “H-UV technology is allowing us to do the same jobs that we have been doing with conventional offset but in a safer way, with fewer complications. But it is also that with the new machine we are assuming jobs that until now and with conventional technology it was not feasible to carry out, thus expanding both our client portfolio and the product portfolio that we can offer to those clients. H-UV will be the technology of the future at the level of offset printing ”.

H-UV is an innovative offset printing technology, exclusive to Komori, based on the use of H-UV lamps and high sensitivity inks that offers high print quality, high reliability and economical and sustainable performance. Shorter delivery times thanks to instant and online curing of printed jobs, reduced storage space, absence of anti-scale powders, extremely low heat and ozone emissions, energy savings ... these are just some of the advantages offered by this revolutionary printing system.

Since Komori introduced H-UV technology to the market five years ago, andl 70% of its installed machines incorporate this new printing system. In Spain, during 2015, five new Komori H-UV offset presses have already been installed. In addition, for 2016, new installations are already confirmed.

After several months working with the new machine, Cayetano Triguero expresses its satisfaction with the results obtained: “Regarding H-UV technology, in addition to quality, an essential aspect is the no use of antimaculating powders. I am sure that all printers have asked ourselves on occasion how it was possible that, with the amount of technology applied in the new machines at the automation level, nothing had yet been developed to address the issue of problems generated by powders antimaculantes: risk of repainting, need to work with smaller batteries, problems with lamination, cleaning processes of the more frequent machines with the consequent drop in productivity, drying times ... The elimination of all these inconveniences, thanks to the incorporation of H-UV technology has been a qualitative and quantitative leap really surprising".

The quality and reliability are other determining elements, especially in stuccoed supports, for the representative of Litografía Rosés. “This technology allows us to assure the client that what he has seen and approved at the“ machine footprint ”is what he will really get the next day. And this is thanks to the instant ink drying process, which avoids variations due to the absorption process of conventional inks ”.

“With this really innovative new offset printing technology, I could safely say that printers have gained in quality of life because of the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all the problems mentioned above are now a thing of the past. Also regarding the machine itself, the level of satisfaction is very high, since the number of failures, errors or complaints in these months can be counted on the fingers of one hand. In addition to its ease of use, since the personnel in charge of the machine have adapted in a very simple way to its operation, and in record time. In addition, we are convinced of the growth and improvement potential that this H-UV technology will have in the not too distant future with the support and interest, increasingly evident, of the main manufacturers of graphic consumables in the development of new products that help and enhance, even more, their performance and possibilities ”.

In relation to the issue of inks, manufactured by Toyo Ink; Michel Madoz, Marketing Director and Enric Cuixeres, OMC Sales Manager point out: “Although it is a fact that H-UV inks are objectively less affordable than conventional ones, it is also that less quantity is consumed in the printing process. And if the process as a whole is analyzed with all the costs involved, this technology provides a series of added values that cannot be achieved with other technologies: responsiveness, versatility of supports, quality of the final product ... that the end customer values, appreciates and, in the end, demands ”.

“My personal experience, not that of Litografia Rosés, with Komori and with OMC, is relatively brief but honestly very positive. To the fact that the machine hardly causes problems and is absolutely logical in its handling and operation, it is added that the response by the team of WTO it has been immediate and complete ”concludes Cayetano Triguero.

In conclusion

For Cayetano, “the H-UV will be the technology of the future at the offset printing level. It is a technology, a tool, that allows you to do the same with greater peace of mind and lower costs or to do new things that differentiate yourself from the competition. "

So much so that Litografía Rosés has verified, in first person, that it has born a new way of understanding and working the business of commercial printing So what any future and new opportunity to grow your production capacities is closely linked to H-UV technology by Komori.

“H-UV is Komori's unique and exclusive offset printing technology that return all the nobility to the role. A technology that surprises those who have the opportunity to see it “in operation” to the maximum. Why? Because you see, very clearly, the competitive advantage and differentiation that it can bring you ”, concludes Michel.

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