Miyakoshi Printing Machinery, Co., Ltd. recognized Japanese manufacturer of web offset presses for label and continuous form printing for the Graphic Industry, it has selected OMC as its new Exclusive Distributor and Importer and Official Technical Service for Spain.

Rotary Offset for Label Printing

OMC, sae has more than 25 years of experience in the Graphic Arts sector in Spain, marketing and providing specialized technical support to different and well-known manufacturers of offset and digital printing and finishing machinery such as Komori, MGI, Wohlenberg ... etc

Miyakoshi, founded in 1946, is a major player in the global manufacturing and marketing of web offset printing machinery for the high quality label printing graphic market, continuous form and commercial printing.

“The label market is not being one of the most affected by the international economic crisis. Also, bespoke and personalized labels are on the rise. It is estimated that sales of adhesive labels, globally, will increase by around 5% per year until 2015, reaching 51,600 M m2, Spain being one of the most consolidated markets in this market " says Michel Madoz, Marketing Director of OMC, sae.

“In the Spanish market, among the 72 main industrial label companies, it has been possible to grow, in recent years, in business volume and more than half of these companies are making investments, mainly for new equipment. This encouraged us to look for a high quality label offset printing equipment to be the main printing equipment in industrial label printer workshops. " Michel Madoz concludes.

"Miyakoshi will allow us to enter the world of high quality adhesive label printing. Contrary to what many may think, the market share by machine type of roll label offset printing equipment has grown, in Europe, by 10%; while other technologies have suffered significant declines. This is due to the fact that offset technology, and its new developments / equipment, are adapting to current market conditions where short / medium runs prevail together with a high and increasingly demanded and required print quality that other technologies do not. they can give " Enrique R. García points out; Director General of OMC.

Within these parameters, main printing equipment to be commercialized and introduced in the Spanish market will be:

Miyakoshi MLP, offset press for roll label printing

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivkH6H6-QtQ [/ youtube]

The ultimate solution for print short runs of labels with high quality. Thanks to the integration of numerous advanced technologies, MLP achieves the highest print quality and productivity in the roll label offset rotary segment.

His independent motor system with fully integrated digital controls offers optimal productivity and performance. Available in different models (Miyakoshi MLP13 Offset and Miyakoshi MWL13 Waterless) depending on the bandwidth or ink technology, each of them has a 355mm print development, which allows to group a greater number of labels and, therefore, a productivity 3 times higher than other presses.

Thanks to your sophisticated roller configuration, inking train with 4 donor rollersComparable to a sheetfed offset machine, it transports a constant film of ink to the surface of the plate, achieving high-quality printing with minimal color variation.

In addition, its automatic make-ready control system and replay data management system offer a drastic reduction in material waste and shorten job changes.

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3Mz3JUSP_A [/ youtube]

It is an offset printing press focused on the printing of high quality food and beverage, cosmetic, wine ... labels.

MVF, Variable Format Rotary Offset

The Miyakoshi's best-selling machine, with a record number of more than 1,000 installations worldwide. MVF offers a incredible performance for continuous forms and other variable format applications What continuous forms, direct mail, self-adhesive envelopes, security documents, lottery tickets, gambling tickets, and pharmaceutical documents and inserts.

Miyakoshi's original MS-80.0 pitch controller enables optimal web feed to be maintained, regardless of material thickness.

Various optional units such as a gluer, die cutter, and folder; They allow you to handle a wide range of product types. Available in 4 machine widths: 18, 20, 22 and 26 inches.

"Miyakoshi has been actively promoting and marketing its range of MLP high quality label printing offset presses around the world since 2007. However, until this year we had not been active in the Spanish market. It undoubtedly required finding the right partner and OMC complies with the requirements that we consider essential for a correct introduction of our equipment: proven experience, knowledge of the market and a reputable team and technical support " says Yuichi Ikeda, Managing Director of the International Division of Miyakoshi Printing Machinery.

“We have installed many MLP label printing offset presses in the European market with excellent results and a reputation for high print quality and excellent mechanical performance. In addition, recently, we have started to introduce new offset printing equipment for labels such as the Waterless MWL rotaries or the mini offset rotary range consisting of the MLP10L offset model and the MWL10L Waterless model ” Mr. Ikeda remarks.

“Currently, our objective, together with OMC, is to find 2 clients who bet on any of our offset presses for label printing, either on their offset or on the waterless line. Despite the current and difficult economic situation, we are moderately optimistic thanks to the recent experience we have had in other countries such as Portugal, Italy ... " concludes Mr. Ikeda

In its technical aspect, WTO becomes Miyakoshi Official Technical Service, carrying out technical service interventions and supplying Miyakoshi original spare parts and / or consumables, with full national coverage and official Miyakoshi guarantee.

Okaeri Miyakoshi!

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