There are moments in life when everything goes well, where everything "goes smoothly." It is what the Americans call "Momentum".

And what is the special finishing technique who is living that "momentum"? Without a doubt, the cold-foil; the cost-effective alternative to 100% metallized backing when high sheet coverage is desired.

Being an online process, being fully integrated in offset printing machine, can be foil and printed in one pass. This opens the door to creating multiple metallic colors simply by overprinting on the foil while being able to maximize the use and consumption of the foil by working with rolls or narrow band ribbons.

Last but not least, the environmental impact of your production processes. Where the metallized supports present huge and significant challenges in the recycling process, sheets produced with cold-foil are 100% recyclable.

Once the technique is explained, it remains to choose the best option. The steps to be taken to choose them are logical and common, but they are not always respected for this reason. "The rush is not good counselors", affirms the Sage Proverb. Do not rush. Take your time and follow all these steps: visit an installation, check the references (more than one and two ...) that they give you, understand and make sure what after-sales and technical service response you are going to have (once installed) ...

Our cold-foil system Eagle Systems They are fully autonomous and automatic units that can be installed on virtually any sheetfed offset printing machine (Komori, Heidelberg, KBA, Roland ...). And it is in his autonomy and simplicity to operate where we want to influence and remind you, once again, take your time visiting at least one of our facilities and check for yourself the "Momentum" Eagle Systems, because "EVERYTHING IS ROLLED".

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