Komori Corporation (Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President, Managing Director and COO: Satoshi Mochida) has announced that the total orders for the innovative curing system H-UV has exceeded 1,000 printing machines. The system Komori H-UV is a innovative UV curing technology It uses a UV lamp / LED module developed with Komori's know-how and high sensitivity UV ink. With just one LED lamp / module mounted in the outlet, the system achieves high print quality and reliability, as well as sustainability and excellent cost performance. The H-UV system has been used internationally since its launch in 2009. In 2011, it was awarded the technology award of the Japanese Society of Printing Science and Technology (JSPST) for being a technology that has made a great contribution to the growth of the graphic industry or to the development of applications for other areas. He was also distinguished with the award 2011 InterTech ™ Technology Award in recognition of the development of technologies that are expected to have a great impact on the graphic arts industry and related sectors. In recent years, the range has been completed with the version H-UV L (LED), further improving printing efficiency and reducing power consumption and maintenance. In January 2019, orders for H-UV systems since their launch amounted to 1,002 machines, of which 527 they settled in Japan and 475 in the rest of the world. The H-UV system allows Send, immediately, the works to the finishing department and facilitates high value-added printing on special media, as well as packaging printing, thanks to its ability to instant dry. In response to the rapid change in the graphics industry in recent years, where short runs of many different products with tight lead times have taken center stage, this technology has gained great notoriety, as evidenced by new customer orders who have already installed the H-UV system. For his part, comprehensive assistance service Komori helps maintain high print quality, eliminates common problems, and reduces costs, since all K-Supply brand consumables for the H-UV system are supplied by Komori. Among them the ink stands out K-Supply H-UV, the standard Komori ink. For quality control, the effect of material changes is usually temporary. Komori applies its know-how as a manufacturer of printing machines to ensure quality control that goes beyond the supply of materials and also includes recommendations and maintenance of equipment. Komori offers next-generation products, designed with the customer in mind. Our commitment is to continue offering comprehensive printing systems to meet the demands of our customers.

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