Values of quality, service and advice to clients, and of renewal in fundamental aspects as the innovation and development of product, all with a great professional passion, are the differentiating factorss of the activity of Drimpak in the world of packaging, with an accumulated experience of more than 50 years in the sector.

One of the fundamental objectives of the strategy Drimpak it is take advantage of the high level of training and skill of its human team in all areas, in order to propel the company to a new growth path that reinforces its position in the packaging market, always keeping close to its customers.

Drimpak offers personalized quality solutions for its clients, with the aim of building relationships of trust, lasting over time, and participating in the development of excellent, innovative, competitive and profitable projects for all. The catalog of packaging products Drimpak covers different sectors ranging from perfumery, cosmetics, parapharmacy and gourmet.

Although the launch of Drimpak by Diego Sánchez de León, Alejandro García and Jaime Casanueva, founding partners, occurred in 2015, this firm is nourished by a extensive experience in the packaging field, heir in part of the well-known trajectory of Torreangulo.

Trained in industrial engineering, and with previous experience in the railway and metallurgical field, among others, the CEO of Drimpak, Alejandro Garcia, explains with great enthusiasm the trajectory that led him to the world of packaging, initially in firms that served the pharmaceutical industry, in a constant process of satisfying his innate curiosity to train thanks to constant contact with suppliers and colleagues. His work currently has the recognition of the entire professional packaging collective in our country, given that it has been renewed again in the presidency of the Aspack association.

Drimpak MGI JETvarnish 3D Evo

Expanding the universe of action "Actually", reveals Alejandro García, "Our team has 50 years of experience in graphic services for markets such as perfumery and cosmetics". Today, the address of Drimpak is working for give a strategic boost to two lines that they consider to have great potential in our country, how are the food-gourmet and parapharmacy sectors. "We are developing a business plan to serve this type of customer", says Alejandro García, “And after two years of work we are getting approximately 15% of our results to come from these markets. The projection is very good and we work with leading firms in the oil, sherry, Iberian products, chocolate, wine sectors ... ".

Parallel to the qualitative diversification within its scope, the activity of Drimpak It is also expanding geographically, incorporating clients from numerous parts of our geography and strengthening its position in the national market. Facing the perhaps already overcome period of crisis with optimism and tenacity, those responsible for this company thought that one of the ways to survive was to promote exports: “We are a flexible, competitive Spanish company, with a level of quality that has nothing to envy from our European environment and we already have clients in France, England… our work reaches more and more countries. It is a difficult path but you have to try and I encourage all colleagues to do so ", says Alejandro García.

In the 4,500 m2 of facilities, a professional team works with great vocation and commitment that has grown from 41 to 54 professionals since its inception: "As you can see, we have experienced a growth in personnel that accompanies the growth in business volume", says Alejandro García, "And that is always positive since it gives reason to those of us who believed in Drimpak's potential to grow and expand its activity in these new segments". Actually, growth forecasts for this year is to reach a approximate turnover of 6.5 million euros, which would correspond by 15% to the perfumery and pharmacy market. With the data corresponding to last year 2016, we can see that the 70% of the results came from the world of perfumery and cosmetics, and the remaining 30% from the field of gourmet products and parapharmacy.

As is to be expected, the professional expertise of the Drimpak staff knows how to make the most of a suitable equipment that is constantly updated. The products of the markets they serve require a wide range of innovation and special treatments, taking excellent quality for granted, to provide innovation and achieve the necessary added value. "One of our mottos", says Alejandro García, “It is to 'offer quality and personalized solutions to our clients'. It is clear that when we talk about customization today we must take into account digital technology, but we do not want to lose ourselves only in the novelty, since our objective is to build lasting relationships of trust with our clients to develop excellent and innovative projects that, in addition, as is Logically, they must be competitive and profitable for all. And when I say for everyone I also include suppliers: if the client only seeks their profitability, neglecting the possibility that their supplier will also achieve it, it is a short-term strategy that in the end will prevent you from continuing to create innovative and different products, because the supplier does not you will be able to count on excellent personnel capable of working on these projects or with the appropriate equipment, which in turn requires continuous investment ".

Creativity and proactivity

The extensive experience in the world of packaging, the vocation, concern and observation skills of all these markets allow the performance of Drimpak be remarkably proactive. "In reality we do not wait for the client to demand a service from us but we always work to present different solutions", explains Alejandro García: "Which implies both investment in new technology and analysis and reflection on all those new possibilities that the market will demand, think about it deeply and continuously".

One of the concepts that is most present in our conversation with Alejandro García is that of passion. For those who share that project, Drimpak not only a company that manufactures cardboard packaging but is a dream come true. "When you experience the product above cost and price, when you think more about the product becoming something that fully convinces the customer and you expect him to really congratulate you for the work you have done, I think that everything else is superfluous", states Alejandro García: “We believe in Drimpak and we put all our passion into it to fully satisfy the customer. It all starts with the initial contact with the client's needs, participating in the development of the product and helping everything improve from the beginning, with our modest advice. In the end the rest of the production process is a consequence of everything else. I think this is what differentiates us: we want and wish to continue innovating in the market by putting all our passion into it ".

In any case, all the creativity and collaboration that the work of the professionals of Drimpak you are not distracted by endless process or unattainable results. The professionalism, seriousness, commitment and efficiency of the processes of this company are factors well known by its regular customers: "Guaranteeing that the product will be in order and on time when, for example, a launch is one of the main concerns of our customers and they know that with us they can rest easy", says Alejandro García, "For this, among other things, we promote training, updating knowledge in the marketing departments of our own clients and periodically organize meetings to explain everything that we can do when making a different product, or equipped with greater added value, perhaps doing something that has not yet been industrialized before ”.

Bet on innovation

Having the latest technological developments can equal innovation, and in this case The bet from Drimpak by new 3D + Hot-Foil UV inkjet coater, 70 × 100 format, 100% digital; MGI JETvarnish 3D Evo, the first supplied by WTO, its representative in our country, for the national packaging sector is a sample of this.

Drimpak MGI JETvarnish 3D Evo

"Of course, it is always a risk to be a pioneer", explains Alejandro García, “Because you can be wrong; but it is an advantage to arrive first. You have a differentiating argument when dealing with your customers, and we explain it like this: 'we have invested in something so that you can sell more, so that you can differentiate yourself'. This means that the client does not need to invest but that he already has a supplier that does it for him, so that he can differentiate himself ... and I see this being better accepted by some companies that are more flexible and have a very fast development and implementation capacity. This new MGI machine allows us to offer very new things with great added value and in a personalized way ".

The relationship of Drimpak with WTO dates back to 2011, when they adopted a press Komori endowed, at the time, with the major advancements for UV printing, since in the fields in which the world of perfumery, cosmetics, parapharmacy or gourmet products Non-porous substrates are commonly used and this type of drying is required. "It is worth highlighting the involvement of OMC professionals with us", says Alejandro García, "At all times: from when they accompany you to see the equipment in which you are interested until the completion of tests, in the training process ... Precisely the MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution it is so advanced that we are having a very interesting, intense and fruitful training and learning period ”.

The note of Enrique Rodríguez, director general of OMC

"Personalization in packaging finishes will be increasingly important"

INFOPACK: What are the characteristics that stand out in the machine that Drimpak has incorporated and that make it interesting for this company?

ENRIQUE RODRÍGUEZ: The main advantage of the MGI JETvarnish 3D Evolution, thanks to its inkjet technology, it is possible to carry out complex designs and varnish finishes with reservations without / with 2D / 3D relief and digital 100% shape stamping, up to 75 x 120 cm format. Let's not forget that packaging is a product in itself and, furthermore, that is in charge of transmitting the brand's personality, seducing, in turn, the consumer. Within this equation, post-printing has total prominence and relevance. The differentiation and added value of a good packaging comes, to a great extent, from the finishes, since these are distinctive elements. The market demands to increase the relevance of the containers, a greater personalization of the same. At this time, the MGI JETvarnish EvolutionThanks to its easy adjustment, quick machine start-up and high printing-stamping speed, it eliminates downtime, making it a very high-productivity finishing solution and allowing Drimpak to offer reduced delivery times, smaller batches , etc.

IP: What does it mean for MGI / OMC that a company like Drimpak bets on this technology?

ER: It represents consolidating and reinforcing our presence in the packaging market and doing it together with a leading company in its sector. Strategically, we have been strengthening our proposal and commercial offer for approximately two or three years with prestigious and recognized printing machinery and offset and digital finishing solutions for the packaging and label industry. The MGI JETvarnish 2D / 3D UV inkjet coaters have perfectly fitted into it and have become a market benchmark with, currently, five teams in their different versions, sold (four of them already installed) in the national market Drimpak has incorporated the first inkjet coater MGI JETvarnish 3D EVO 75 x 120 cm format in our country, and that allows them to occupy a privileged position in the face of the current requirements of their market: reduced stocks, shipments on demand, shorter workflows, agility in promotions ...

Fountain: interview conducted by Mr. Javier Romero, Infopack

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