Graphic Packaging International Spain, owner of a 12,500 m2 plant in the Barcelona town of Ódena, has recently invested in a Baumann Wolhenberg pile turner Through its Distributor and Importer in Spain, OMC.

Graphic Packaging processes about 25,000 tons of cardboard approx. per year (the 70% for the manufacture of multipacks and the remaining 30% for cases). This volume and production capacity has led them to invest in a state-of-the-art Baumann Wohlenberg automatic turning equipment.

Manually treating stacks of cardboard is a tiring and costly process and automating the process gives you the opportunity to save time, reduce costs and eliminate physical effort.

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The pile turner Baumann Wohlenberg BSW-AUP, installed in Graphic Packaging, has been specially designed to meet the demands of automatic nonstop systems in the feeder of sheet and die cutting machines.

The pile turner Baumann Wohlenberg BSW-AUP It is available for formats 3B, 6 and 7, its main application sector being the industrial printing of packaging products (pile turner for packaging). All processes are automated and controlled through the program.

Furthermore, the BSW-AUP pile turner can be equipped for an in-line system, therefore, it can be integrated into material logistics.

With this pile turning equipment, Baumann Wohlenberg offers its customers an ideal solution for an industrial application, perfectly prepared for subsequent in-line operation. In this way the future optimization of all processes is ensured.

The decision to buy the Baumann Wohlenberg pile turner is given by the prestige that the German brand has acquired throughout its history, the treatment arranged by its representative OMC, sae and the quality of its technical and after-sales service.

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