Thomas Alva Edison said it. "Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration". The businessman and prolific inventor who patented more than a thousand inventions throughout his life, was clear that behind each idea there was a lot of sweat to make it come true.

And what better way to represent that moment of lucidity where that 1% of inspiration appears than with a light bulb. But what about those steps it takes to make that idea come true? It is in that 99% where we want to participate with you.

We know the importance of a good idea, but we also know that if we don't pay enough attention to its execution, it can die. We love ideas but even more so when they see the light of day.

We hope this year 2015 you will have many “eureka” moments and what we most deeply wish is that you share them with us. We want to help you in the remaining 99% that make ideas happen. "Therefore, a 'genius' is often simply a talented person who has done all his or her homework." Edison remarked on his famous statement.

Wish you a very Happy Holidays and a Very bright" 2015.

Surely this New Year 2015 will bring us many "Light bulbs on" and we will be prepared because what determines if an idea is going to be successful is how we carry it out.

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