MGI has been awarded the prestigious «Oscar del Emballage» to the Best Production Team for its most recent technological innovation, JETvarnish 3D + iFOIL; at the 58th annual Oscar de l 'Emballage ceremony.

The iFOIL is the first production solution in the world capable of embossing and hot stamping in a fully digital process.

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For the 58th edition of the ceremony, Infopro Digital Group, editor of the magazine «Usine Nouvelle», «Emballages Revista» & «LSA» gathered a select panel of professionals and journalists of packaging, packaging and containers; to determine the winners of the Oscar de l'Emballage awards in their different categories.

This new digital process completely eliminates the need for plates or dies, since everything is controlled by a RIP working digital files which allows a commissioning and start-up in just a few minutes.

Being a fully digital process, this also allows for the variable data production of embossing effects and hot stamping foils, with each sheet being different from the previous one, with a clear impact on productivity.

For digital embossing and hot stamping, the iFOIL solution uses commercially available film or foils, allowing a wide range of colors and effects, including metallic and holographic films.

In order to recording in raised or creased digital, iFOIL solution in line with JETvarnish 3D can create a cumulative thickness up to 200 microns * (* optional: Twin) without generating stamping marks on the back of the sheet.

Both embossing and hot stamping can be activated independently of each other or they can be combined.

iFOIL can handle all A4 sheet formats up to 52x105cm (letter size up to 20x40 inches) and can produce at speeds of up to several thousand sheets per hour.

This equipment operates in line with the inkjet coater with reserve and relief JETvarnish 3D.

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