2 new and recent installations of MGI JETvarnish 3D bring UV varnishing with reserve and relief closer to Spain.

“It was at Graphispag Digital 2013 where we officially presented and launched the new MGI JETvarnish 3D nationwide. During the fair we were able to verify "in-situ" the excellent acceptance and interest generated by its combined 2D and 3D finish in a single pass. Many were the printers, graphic designers ... who asked us where to order or carry out high-value-added finishes such as those seen in the different demonstrations carried out during the event " comments Michel Madoz, Marketing Director of OMC, sae.

MGI JETvarnish 3D UV inkjet coater

“It was surprising to see how selective UV varnishing with relief, combining 2D and 3D, generates and causes incredible interactivity between the finished print and the end consumer. The extra or added value that this equipment brings to printed material could be reduced in a single word: Temptation. Generates that "irresistible" impulse to touch it, interact with it and discover new sensations " Michel Madoz remarks.

Today these printers, graphic designers ... can already elaborate and design their works keeping in mind such special finishes as selective UV varnishing with relief. Our two new and recent facilities JETvarnish 3D in Spain, Truyol Digital and NEO Group, bring to all of them a universe of new possibilities.

Thanks to an excellent and fun action Street Marketing from MGI in Paris, we were able to verify the excellent impression and acceptance that this type of finish has in the final consumer.

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uf4ZG0jE1HU [/ youtube]

No one resists the temptation to touch it, would you? One of the best ways to «Giving life» to a form is with 3D UV varnishing. It gives it a unique "irresistibility". With this finish you will be able to give "sensations" to your print. In other words, your print will come to life. Impact, captivate, surprise, be remembered, attract attention… these are the most valued objectives for any printed piece (container, magazine advertisement, catalog, packaging…).

Thanks to UV 3D varnishing, a new level of demand or expectations is reached. Do not forget! UV 3D varnishing, UV spot inkjet, is already a reality in Spain.

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