What do we look for in a Fair?

Or products or services that we cover a specific and / or specific need. I have the client, the job ... but I need the means to do it or do it more efficiently.

Or products or services that we allow you to choose or reach new markets, products, customers ... And, to the extent possible, that these products or services be as differentiated as possible to allow us to stand out, in one way or another, in our market of activity.

Therefore, we will focus our proposal Graphispag 2015 (Stand C312) on machinery, consumables or equipment that cover or may cover these two spectra:

Komori, offset printing machinery

Komori H-UV is a innovative UV curing system It uses a UV lamp developed with all Komori's know-how and highly sensitive UV ink. With only one outlet mounted lamp, offset printing machines Komori H-UV They offer high print quality and reliability, as well as economical and sustainable performance.

If you think you have seen it all in the world of commercial offset printing, you have not yet seen a Komori machine work with the H-UV system.

Miyakoshi, UV offset coil printing machinery for labels

Semi-rotary offset for roll label printing. The ultimate solution for printing labels with high quality.

Available in UV Offset and UV Waterless, on 3 band widthsa (254, 330 and 406mm) prints at speeds of up to 300i / m even at maximum print development, 406.4mm. Equipped with a battery of 19 rollers, 4 oscillating and 4 ink; allows custom configurations (Hot-foil, Cold-Foil, Embossing, laminated ...).

Sakurai, industrial screen printing machinery

Machine of print on serigraphy industrial. Packaging, containers, credit cards, plastic, automotive ...

MGI Meteor DP8700 XL +, multi-media digital printing

Digital media multisupport. Maximum versatility in digital printing being able to print on practically any type of support on paper, cardboard, plastic and envelopes.

From 65 to 400g / m2 on paper and 100-400 microns on plastic; being able to print up to 120cm. With a speed of 71 pages. A4 / letter minute, it works with a resolution of 3,600dpi / 270lpi and has 18 conventional and 3 stochastic screen options.

INX NW140 | NW240, UV digital inkjet label press

Print, and die, in just 3.20m. Digital UV inkjet label printer with in-line digital laser finishing system. Up to 6 channels and XAAR 1002 heads. 23 m / linear min and maximum printing width 210mm. Spartanics laser die.

MGI JETvarnish 3D iFOIL, 3D coating with reserve and relive and hotfoil 100% digital

HotFoil 100% digital UV inkjet coater 3D + embossing and hot stamping. It is compatible with offset and digital printing and can make up to 1,700 sheets / hour (B2). It works 21 × 30 and 52 × 105 formats with grammages between 150-700 microns without the need for plates and / or dies, being able to work variable data on embossed effects and hot stamping foils.

Duplo DC-616 PRO; creasing, cutting and drilling in a single pass.

Perforated Cutter Splitter specially designed to meet the nnowneeds of the digital printing and / or photography For short runs of color, the versatile DC-616PRO is an excellent finishing solution.

The DC-616 Pro is a finisher that offers multiple processes (creasing, cutting and perforation) in a single pass, with a high degree of automation and network connectivity, making it an extremely productive tool for digital printers and professional photography.

Wohlenberg, new guillotines and cutting systems adapted to the typology of each printing press

Wohlenberg has developed 3 cutting systems complete adapting, each one of them, to the particularities of production of a printing shop. Depending on the production characteristics of each workshop, Wohlenberg cutting systems present a greater or lesser degree of automation.

On the other hand, the new design of the Wohlenberg guillotines, of high speed, carries out the pressure in a totally uniform way by means of a centered cylinder and a solid guide of the rear square, being adapted to process various materials, for example, paper, cardboard, offset printing plates, etc.

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