Sant Jordi 2015 and International Book Day are already "just around the corner".

To place ourselves, and as an example, only in Sant Jordi (Catalonia) more than 1.4 million books are sold, which means a turnover of close to € 19 million. In other words, 5-8% of total annual sales is sold in a single day.

It is a day of festivities, books and culture… where people invade the streets.

We have already made our choice. 42,195 from, a photographic table book with 41 interviews with marathon runners.

A self-publishing initiative to dispense with conventional marketing circuits and allocate the maximum of resources to actions of a social nature. The book 42,195 will be sold online through our website where you can now reserve a copy.

42,195 it is much more than a book. It is a project. A project that combines many things that we like: experiences, photography, paper, ink, sports and; above all, solidarity.

42,195 from aims to become a reference movement that supports equality and social inclusion through sport.

Werunproject It starts with the edition of a table book that talks about diversity, values, physical and mental benefits and the philosophy of life of the runner.

The 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the book go towards a training program of the SUPERACCIÓ Association. For one year, the benefits will finance the training costs for 50 young people in a situation of social exclusion to define through the practice of sport what is the future they want for themselves (live, study and work), and what are the tools that will allow them to see their future come true.

Because, as May El Khalil explains in her own experience, “Sport is a very powerful instrument because it can change an individual's mentality for the better. If values such as discipline, fair competition, perseverance, patience and hope are transmitted to the day-to-day life of a person and this infects them to the rest of society, the vast majority of our problems will disappear ».

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