The Meital 300 printers They are designed to adapt to the needs of the advertising market, dominated by short delivery times and a constant demand for resolution. Thanks to the level of quality and the speed of printing of these equipment, you can print any POS project that previously would have required the use of conventional printing systems.
With advanced variable dot size technology, Meital 300 printers give you resolution when you need it, without losing performance. You can modify the droplet size from 6 picoliters, for sharp images and exceptional detail, down to medium-sized dots for consistent flesh tones; or large dots up to 42 picoliters to achieve high color density.

Meital 300 printers can create photo-quality prints at lifelike production speeds. The printheads offer a (apparent resolution 1,440 dpi) at 360 np density speeds up to 250 m2 / h. With just 4 colors, the system offers image quality far superior to other 6- or 8-color printers, while reducing ink costs.

In addition, the printers guarantee superior image quality thanks to variable dot size technology, which allows the use of small droplets to reproduce light tones, thus replacing light-colored inks and reducing ink consumption by one third compared to others. printers.

Adaptable to your needs - Custom configurations
Meital 300 printers are available in different configurationsfrom basic to advanced, depending on the capacity requirements of your company. They also offer you the ability to upgrade the printer as your business grows, allowing you to divide your investment into several phases.

New printing unit technology
To increase your productivity, Meital 300 printers incorporate interchangeable tables so the operator can load one table while the second is printing. The machine combines the best of both worlds: the precision of a vacuum table and the efficiency of a conveyor system.

The maximum image size 125 x 250 x 2.5 cm enables advanced printing functions such as repeat mounting and image nesting.
At the heart of the Meital 300 impression unit is the innovative XAAR 1001 HSS (hybrid side shooter) head. Each head has 1000 injectors with a native resolution of 360 DPI. Native high resolution and grayscale capabilities ensure superior quality. Since the ink constantly circulates inside the head itself, in the event of a jam under the carriage, it is not necessary to stop the printer for maintenance; it does not require the classic purging and cleaning operations as occurs in other conventional digital printers.

Meital 300 printers regain 100% reliability before printing the next form. Again, this is a huge savings and takes advantage of the 100% of printer productivity. The operator will not have to stop the machine for maintenance.

If we summarize it by its key success factors, the Meital 300 series it would be defined like this:

Variable dot size technology allows you to optimize the dot based on the job for sharp images, text and details, consistent flesh tones, and bright, vivid colors.

Thanks to the innovative Xaar 1001 heads, Meital printers offer a variable dot size between 6 and 42 picoliters. The result is increased demand for high-quality flesh tones and other POS applications.

Meital has developed an innovative flatbed digital inkjet printer, with a very high level of quality and productivity at a very competitive cost. Meital 300 printers have been specially designed to deliver the performance needed to boost productivity.

With 16 print heads (4 per color-CMYK), each with 1,000 nozzles and a native density of 360 npi, high speed printing is possible in one pass.

Since the ink circulates inside the head itself, the nozzles are always in optimal condition, so their maintenance is minimal and they have great efficiency and longevity.

The Meital 300 printers software implements a friendly graphical user interface to facilitate setup, workflow organization and machine operation.

MTL's R&D team has years of experience in the digital printing industry, specializing in the design and manufacture of large format digital inkjet printers. Their goal has always been to exceed market expectations. MTL's R&D team is responsible for the original design and manufacture of various NUR printers: Fresco, Tempo and Expedio. As of today, these printers are still in production.

We are sure that this new player will provide a wider range of options to the world of large-format digital inkjet printing to sectors as diverse as, for example, Screen Printing or Packaging. Better not lose sight of them.

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