Miyakoshi Printing Machinery, a renowned Japanese manufacturer of semi-rotary offset for the high quality label printing, with an accumulated experience of almost 70 years in the sector; bet, clearly, by the European market.

Together with one of your European distributors, WTO (Madrid Spain); they have recently formalized and inaugurated their European subsidiary; Miyakoshi Europe.

“The main objective when creating the company is to make tangible and show a clear commitment to the European offset label printing market, with a special emphasis on promoting UV and UV Waterless offset printing machines. Miyakoshi Europe will support, much more efficiently, the commercial activity and technical support in Europe " says Yuichi Ikeda, CEO of Miyakoshi.

Miyakoshi European Open House, Madrid 2015

Miyakoshi Europe has celebrated, with a European Open House, the presentation of its offer of coil offset machinery for label printing; Miyakoshi semi-rotaries, both UV offset (MLP) as UV Waterless (MWL).

Last May, Miyakoshi Europe organized at the OMC facilities in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid; a open house in order to demonstrate to potential clients, from all over Europe, capabilities of your new MLP UV offset semi-rotary, narrow web, for label printing.

The event was attended by the OMC team, Mr. Yuichi Ikeda, General Director of Miyakoshi and Mr. Takekazu Fukazawa, Director of International Sales of Miyakoshi.

Practically a hundred people representing 32 companies dedicated to label printing attended the event. The internationality of the day is proof of the interest that the high quality of Miyakoshi equipment, for the production of labels, is awakening in the market. Managers and production managers from companies from Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Romania and Russia attended

The Miyakoshi equipment that was shown and demonstrated at the Open House was the Miyakoshi MLP High Quality UV Offset Label Printing Semi-Rotary. This press can be configured with different combinations of printing units and finishes. The demo equipment had the following configuration: flexo printing body, five UV offset bodies, Hot-Foil, flexo printing body for varnishing, printing body for screen printing and die. This MLP configuration is ready to manufacture all kinds of high quality labels with Premium finishes.

"For OMC, integrating the distribution of Miyakoshi's narrowband semi-presses was a natural step" says Enrique Rodríguez, WTO Director General.

«With the other brands that we distribute, we already have extensive experience in the offset printing market in general, and in the packaging sector in particular; including applications with demanding requirements such as packaging for pharmaceutical products or for luxury products packaging. It is the need to better serve our customers, and their requests, which has led us to add Miyakoshi semi-rotaries to our line of products and services » remarks.

The Miyakoshi MLP is a UV offset semi-rotary designed for high quality label printing on short and medium runs and it is available in both UV offset and UV waterless (MWL). The configuration can be made to measure with options of hot-foil, cold-foil, embossing or laminated among other options.

“Miyakoshi has developed a higher production MLP semi-press that offers a maximum repeat length of 406.4mm with a maximum speed of 300 prints / min (maximum print speed is 121m / min). Miyakoshi firmly believes that it is the ideal model to replace the flexographic machines of the printers who look for a better quality of impression in his works of labels ” says David López, Head of Miyakoshi at OMC.

During the open day the visitors were able to check the levels of automation that allow a quick start with minimal waste. They were also able to see the agility and efficiency in switching between complex jobs. Is speed in job changes in which there were adjustments and changes in all the printing bodies and finishing made a very pleasant impression among the attendees linked to the label production direction.

Spanish visitors they valued very positively the fact of that a manufacturer of recognized prestige for the very high quality and productivity of its label equipment, but that it did not have a presence in Europe, has partnered with OMC.

OMC demonstrates with this Open House, and with the commercialization of the semi-rotary for labels of Miyakoshi, that it has a clear vocation of service and to attend to the present and future needs of the graphic sector, offering the best solutions and the best service.

“Miyakoshi is a project that we are especially excited about. We have extensive experience in the offset printing market and combining that knowledge and enthusiasm will help us develop it with a good and solid foundation. In fact, we have spent several months “working in the shadows” in order to fully understand the main players, their needs and demands, as well as the particularities that every market or segment has. The culmination of all these months of work has been the sale of the first Miyakoshi MLP semi-rotary in Spain. We hope before the end of the year it will be fully operational and at full production " explains David López, Head of Miyakoshi at OMC.

[youtube] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3Mz3JUSP_A [/ youtube]

Miyakoshi at Labelexpo 2015

With more enthusiasm than ever, Miyakoshi bets hard on this next Labelexpo 2015 (HALL 8, B31). In it he will present his latest and innovative development UV Waterless showing their Miyakoshi MWL dry offset semi-rotary for label printing.


  • Max roll width: 350mm
  • Max printing width: 330mm
  • Repeat length: 127.0 - 355.6mm
  • Max roll diameter: 700mm (1270mm as option)
  • Max work speed: 200 prints / min. (250 prints as an option)
  • Paper weight: 50 - 300 g / m2
  • Support thickness: 70 - 300 microns
  • Drying system: UV


  • Max coil width: 420 mm
  • Max Print Width: 406mm
  • Repeat length: 215.9 - 406.4mm
  • Max roll diameter: 700mm (1270mm as option)
  • Max work speed: 200 prints / min. (250 prints as an option
  • Paper weight: 50 - 300 g / m2
  • Support thickness: 70 - 300 microns
  • Drying system: UV

Since the machine uses waterless offset technology, its handling is much easier than that of a conventional offset machine, which requires an ink / water balance and for which some experience is required. In addition, it is environmentally friendly as it does not require IPA and residual liquid in plate production is reduced. From a mechanical point of view, the machine consists of only 5 rollers per offset unit, reducing the number of parts and problems. It has other advantages, such as less waste, shorter set-up times, high productivity and stable registration.

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