As many of you already know, the last May 2015, we celebrate the European Miyakoshi Open House.

MIYAKOSHI, recognized Japanese manufacturer of offset semi-rotary presses for high quality label printing, presented its latest and innovative semi-rotary UV offset Miyakoshi MLP.

36 companies from label printing, 72 persons, from 8 different countries (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Russia, Romania and Japan) attended the Open House to see, in first person because many European printers have already started betting on Miyakoshi.

And how colophon to the success of this Open House, the 1st semi-rotary Miyakoshi MLP Offset UV for Spain, It's already in the oven!

Now, it is the turn of the Miyakoshi MWL, the semi-rotary UV waterless for label printing.

From the June 30 to July 9, both inclusive, you have the opportunity to see and know the proposal Miyakoshi in print UV Waterless.

This technology, which is characterized by work without water, it is ideal for complicated substrates and for a quick start without loss, and adding the production speed which MIYAKOSHI technology can achieve in semi-rotary up to 250 imp / min (120 mtr / min) and the rapid change of formats and plates, make it a very productive and profitable machine for the printer.

1. High quality label printing

2. Workload reduction. By eliminating the need for water adjustment on the surface of the plate, the operator's workload is drastically reduced.

3. High registration precision. The double roller-puller units, controlled directly by a servo motor, achieve precise paper feeding.

4. Reduction of printing defects. The arrangement of the rollers and minimal gear support of the new design significantly reduces ghosting.

5. Stable density thanks to temperature control of the ink roller. The ink supply amount is done without ink fountain.

6. Ink density control for each offset unit Plate cylinder)

7. Ink transfer speed control for each offset unit

Is a excellent opportunity to meet and see the new UV Waterless proposal from Miyakoshi for the high quality label printing market with a comprehensive and demanding setup.

In order to arrange visit or personalized demoYou can contact us at 91 632 29 76 (ask for Mr. David López) or via e-mail to

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