In April 2015, the Japanese machinery manufacturer Miyakoshi Printing Machinery decided firmly invest in the European market for high-quality labels with the creation of Miyakoshi Europe, for which it had the collaboration of the Spanish company OMC. Almost two years later, Toru Miyakoshi, President of Miyakoshi Printing Machinery CO Lda., Yuichi Ikeda, General Director of Miyakoshi Europe, and Enrique Rodríguez, Sales Director of Miyakoshi Europe, have carried out a tour of the main European markets and clients with the aim of continuing to disseminate the advantages of its offset semi-rotary technology as well as knowing first-hand the needs of its customers.

Miyakoshi Printing Machinery, renowned Japanese manufacturer of semi-rotary offset for label printing, is a completely private company, currently managed by the third generation of the same family, and which has more than seventy years of history in the market. Determined to transfer this vast experience to the European label market, in April 2015 he founded his subsidiary Miyakoshi Europe. “Miyakoshi had good experiences in the markets of Portugal and Italy –Explains Yuichi Ikeda, general director of Miyakoshi Europe- but we had not managed to expand our market, despite knowing what was necessary to achieve it. In fact, there were three factors that would determine a strong entry into the European label market: a good sales network, a good service organization and a demonstration center, and we felt that this was only possible if we had a real physical presence. ”.

Based on these positive results previously obtained in Italy and Portugal, those responsible for Miyakoshi they considered that the best strategy was to start in southern Europe, and within this region Spain was the best alternative from the hand of OMC. "We decided to start in southern Europe, from where we would develop our expansion policy to the rest," says Yuichi Ikeda, "because our main range of machinery is designed for medium and short runs of high quality labels, and this type of product fits very well in the markets of wine, oil, drink ... that occur especially in southern Europe. Now we have a solid sales and service base in Spain from which to offer support to all distributors at a European level, maintaining constant contact with the factory in Japan ”.

When taking stock of these almost two years of experience, the general director of Miyakoshi Europe highlights: "We are very satisfied with the results obtained in these two years because they have managed to solve the three objectives that were set as essential when considering expansion to Europe: the sales network has been set up, the service network is established and we have a demonstration room ”.

"In addition," he continues, "the results in terms of installed machines are also very positive." There are currently 23 machines installed throughout Europe of which ten have been distributed in the last 18 months. And all this in really representative clients in their respective markets and countries. Therefore, it can be said that the reception has been very good, both in the south and in the rest of Europe ”.

But for the representatives of Miyakoshi the most important aspect in this whole process is that the opening of Miyakoshi Europe has given them the opportunity to reach clients that until now were not accessible. "Our main objective continues to be to show the potential customer that Miyakoshi's semi-rotary offset technology is the most suitable solution to satisfactorily respond to the current demands of the label market since we are convinced that this technology, once explained, it is understood by the client as an optimal alternative to their needs ”.

In fact, one of the reasons for the visit of the president of Miyakoshi Printing Machinery to Europe has been precisely help in this work of dissemination and knowledge of the offset semi-rotary technology developed by the Japanese company. "Mr. Miyakoshi likes to be close to customers, understand the markets and know first-hand the new demands and requirements to be able to apply all that knowledge in the future developments of the company" explains the CEO of Miyakoshi Europe. "In line with this idea, our future plans are based on continuing to work in the line of maintaining and improving our relationship with these types of clients ”.

Technology at the service of the market

Regarding the differentiating values that a company like Miyakoshi can bring to the European market, the representatives of the Japanese manufacturer place special emphasis on its technology. “The global printing market is shrinking and only the labels and packaging markets show growth rates. But even within this growth trend, orders within the world of the label are increasingly smaller and with high quality demands. It is in this product range, very high quality labels in small and medium runs, where Miyakoshi has the advantage of its experience and its technology in the development of offset equipment designed specifically to respond to these requirements. You could say that we have the right product at the right time ".

One of the company's flagships, the Miyakoshi MLP UV offset semi-rotary press, has been specifically designed to address the growing demand for small and medium-size label runs with high quality like that of reduce start-up times and the loss reduction.

With a solid and robust construction, its offset technology allows to obtain excellent print quality while reducing start-up costs to the maximum. With up to 406.4mm repeat length, you get great flexibility in the imposition of labels, the larger label printing and one very high productivity.

Offers a maximum print speed up to 300i / m, regardless of the repetition length, being able to print at that speed constantly while providing fast changeover times thanks to its complete automatic electronic system. Each printing unit is controlled by a Bosch-Rexroth servo-driven motor and can work independently and / or synchronized.

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