Since its founding in 1907, the group Toyo Ink has been dedicated to the printing and graphic arts industry.

Currently, Toyo Ink offers a complete range of high-quality, value-added inks and related products aimed at the global market. Whether your business is in sheet, commercial or cardboard printing, or pressure sensitive film or label printing, our experts can help you solve problems, improve productivity and deliver added value to your customers.

Toyo Ink UV, UV Waterless and H-UV Inks


The inks Toyo Inks UV They are also "solvent-free inks that respect the environment", whose curing is possible thanks to the energy emitted by UV rays. At Toyo Ink, they are pioneers in the adoption and development of inks derived from LED curing technology and energy efficient inks.

In addition, our inks also meet the strict standards of NL, REACH, RoHS, to adapt to all national and international chemical regulations. We have also improved security levels, while reducing CO2 emissions from ink manufacturing and handling.

The Toyo Inks UV inks They offer exceptional machine performance and achieve extraordinary visual impact. The combination of the best properties of offset inks and UV curing improves productivity and ensures greater customer satisfaction.

Our offer includes a complete range of inks for all types of papers and synthetics, conventional UV type and with low energy curing:

Toyo Inks UV Inks for Paper - FD KTNX

Inks Toyo Inks UV for Synthetics - FD OR NEW HF1

Toyo Inks H-UV Inks for Paper - FD K-HS V3

Toyo Inks H-UV inks for synthetics FD K-HS AD

Toyo Inks UV High Sensitivity Paper Inks - FD LPC

Toyo Inks High Sensitivity UV Inks for Synthetics - FD LPC AD

Inks Toyo Inks UV waterless for synthetic materials - FD AQUALESS LB

Inks Toyo Inks UV waterless for synthetic materials - FD AQUALESS LB WS

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