If you are looking for how to efficiently print your documents, work, presentations…. know the easiest way to bind them with our Unibinder 8.2 Document Binder or customize them with the digital stamping printer Unifoil Printer, both with a "flexible cover" and with a "hard cover" in both cases; in order to "Give you the best of presentations." UNIBINDER 8.2 BINDER Innovative technology for an elegant presentation of your document. It combines traditional Unibind SteelBinding resin with a new spine press feature. It is designed for use in the office: flexible covers for a very easy to use machine. Bind documents from 1 to 120 sheets with only 3 measures of spine. Bind, press and cool in a few seconds with a single system. To see the video, [youtube] http://youtu.be/rolxMOay5_I [/ youtube] DIGITAL STAMPING UNIFOIL PRINTER UniFoil Printer is a digital stamping printer what print aluminum foil directly from a digital file onto any flat surface. Just connect UniFoil Printer to your computer, download the software and start printing. The new UniFoil Printer allows you to personalize your books, notebooks, agendas, contracts ... If you are about to present an offer, a contract or meeting, with UniFoil Printer your work will always stand out. Because emotions are essential in communication. With a 300 × 300 dpi resolution; and one speed up to 2.5cm / s; you can customize different printing supports (flat, smooth, coated surfaces ...) up to a maximum surface area of 380mm x 300mm in colors like Metallic Gold, Silver, Black, Blue and Red. The applications are many and varied, highlighting book covers for notebooks, diaries, diaries, photobooks, press folders ... or paper and cardboard applications such as business cards, invitations, packaging ... even plastic sheets. To see the video, [youtube] http://youtu.be/a40_YKJ_yqA [/ youtube]

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