Toshiba has developed a system that radically changes the way you print. A system that allows the reuse of paper instead of disposing of it, erasing the content of the paper.

The Toshiba e-STUDIO RD30 Paper Reuse Kit is capable of fading text and images in documents printed on the e-STUDIO306LP, allowing you to reuse the paper. This significantly reduces paper consumption, as well as saving valuable resources and contributing to a greener future.

World's first all-in-one with "erasable" ink

Toshiba now allows reuse of paper, which translates into better value for money. To optimize the use of resources, an effective way is to increase profitability. By using a sheet of paper five times with the e-STUDIO306LP / RD30 system, that is, reusing it four times, reduce paper consumption on an 80% without the need to print less.

Assuming that 4,000 pages are printed per month, we will achieve, after five years, a saving of 192,000 sheets of paper. In other words: the same amount of paper that is usually used in a year, now it will last for five years!