OMC incorporates the range of Unibind handling and finishing equipment for its commercialization and technical assistance in the field of the Graphic Industry throughout the national territory.

OMC, a Spanish company with a long and solid track record in the marketing and technical support of offset and digital printing and finishing machinery, peripheral equipment and consumables for the Graphic Arts sector; incorporates Unibind products in its portfolio as a differentiating product in finishes, customization and post-print.

As a result of this agreement, national printers will be able to access a complete proposal of finishing machinery and quality solutions very focused on short runs and maximum customization.

Within it, the following teams stand out:

Unibind CaseMaker 650

The perfect solution for your short run customization jobs. It allows you to create custom hardcover books, ring binders or displays easily and maintenance-free with Unibind CasePlanos.

Unibind UniFoil Printer

UniFoilPrinter is a digital printer that prints aluminum foil directly from a digital file on any flat surface.

It allows you to customize your books, notebooks, agendas, contracts ...

With a resolution of 300 × 300 dpi; and a speed of up to 2.5cm / s; You can customize different printing supports (flat, smooth, coated surfaces ...) up to a maximum surface of 380mm x 300mm in colors such as Metallic Gold, Silver, Black, Blue and Red.

Unibinder 8.2 Binder

UniBinder 8.2 is an innovative technology for an elegant presentation of your document. It combines traditional Unibind SteelBinding resin with a new spine press feature. It is designed for use in the office: flexible covers for a very easy to use machine. Binds documents from 1 to 120 sheets with only 3 spine measurements. Bind, press and cool in a few seconds with a single system.

Unibind CaseMaker 750

Allows individual production of custom hardcover books. Individually custom prints fit the CasePlanos and produce a unique hard cover quickly, easily and affordably.

With a capacity of up to 400 covers per hour, and fully automatic, it is ideal for the production of hardcover covers for the Unibind Resin Binding system and traditional docking systems.

Totally dry working concept, eliminating the use of chemical liquids and glues, using FSC certified hard cover covers; Fits a wide range from 203mm x 203mm to 305mm x 351mm and maximum spine thickness of 36mm.

Unibind BCC10

The BCC10 finishes your hardcover books with the same production output as the CaseMaker 750A.

The machine has 3 functions: binding by heating the binding resin, adjusting the heated spine and gluing the CaseSheets to the steel spine and cooling the heated steel spine.

The BCC10 ensures that printed pages are perfectly bound and flattened within a custom hardcover book.

In combination with the BCC10, you can create almost a complete process to produce individual books with a maximum of 2 operators, producing up to 400 finished books per hour.

And what better opportunity to get to know the complete range of Unibind products than Graphispag Digital 2013, to be held from April 17 to 21, 2013 in Barcelona. At this Fair, OMC will concentrate and present its main novelties in finishing equipment that add value to the printed product.

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