CGA, SL is a family graphic services company founded in 1978 by Luis Miguel Martínez.

The workshops and offices are located in the Polígono Industrial Ramarga in the Madrid town of Ajalvir. The company's business career originates from the photocomposition activity carried out by the Lumimar company, later going on to offer complete prepress and, motivated by the demand for complete services from its clients, to offset printing with the creation of Central de Artes Associated Graphics (CGA).

Adapting and anticipating the needs of his clients was what led him to go from photocomposition to printing and binding, first with one and two-color presses to make the leap to machines with four, five and eight printing units.

The company continues to be family-owned and is now managed by the second generation. José Luis and Javier Miguel López in the commercial part, Mar Miguel López is in charge of the management, Cristina Miguel López is responsible for the production, Lorena Miguel López is responsible for the photomechanics and José Luis and Javier Miguel López in the commercial part.

"Now we have four machines, two with five bodies, one with four and one with eight”, Explains Mar Miguel López. "We also have prepress with photomechanics and, for about two years, a complete binding section”.

Almost ten years ago CGA had the need to add longer offset presses and began their fruitful relationship with OMC, sae by incorporating a five-body Komori press. "We had production equipment from other brands, but seeing the Komori at a fair we don't take long to decide for her”, Indicates Mar Miguel López. "The fact that it is a Japanese company of recognized prestige gave us an additional guarantee that the automation it carries would considerably improve the quality and productivity of our activities.”.

Growth in demand, and the need to be able to attend certain projects in a more efficient way, led OMC Sae to supply six years ago an additional Komori press with eight bodies plus turning. "The ability to turn is a fundamental characteristic for certain jobs”, Says Mar Miguel López.

The eight-body Komori with flipping has made it possible to approach editing work more efficiently. "Although in specific cases such as specialized magazines, the printed product is losing ground in favor of purely digital content available via the web.”, Says Mar Miguel López.

The clients for which CGA develops services are of all kinds, from laboratories to publishers to advertising agencies. To guarantee consistent quality in all jobs, the company has ISO standardization for all prepress and printing processes. In addition, they have ISO 9000 and ISO 14000 certifications and, for a year, the chain of custody.

"The integration of the processes that lead to certification in production sometimes slows us down.”, Indicates Mar Miguel López. "But it is compensated by better efficiency and a much more precise quality control that ensures that jobs always go to customer satisfaction, the first time.”.

Certifications are essential to be able to work with more and more types of clients, such as pharmaceutical laboratories or large distribution companies, which require more and more stringent certifications.

With the changes in the uses of printed materials, the runs are getting shorter and the response times have to be more agile. This circumstance, coupled with many customers requesting smaller format jobs, have led CGA to seek a digital printing solution to complement its production capabilities.

The selection of the MGI Meteor DP8700 XL, supplied by OMC Sae, was a clear decision after seeing different options in some fairs since it adjusted to the needs of CGA both in quality as well as in versatility and price. "We were very specialized in the large format”, Says Mar Miguel López. "With this digital press we can offer our clients both jobs with shorter runs and smaller formats and even corporate stationery applications.”.

The MGI Meteor DP8700 XL is occupying a natural position within the CGA production equipment portfolio as it is used in all types of work carried out in the company. "We print both magazines and brochures, reports, displays, boxes or packaging papers”, Says Mar Miguel López. "The packaging represents 15% of our products. We do a lot of things in cardboard”.

"We still do not have demand for jobs in which the intensive use of variable data is necessary”, Says Mar Miguel López. "What we are doing with the MGI Meteor DP8700 XL are many numbering applications that we previously had to outsource”.

The MGI Meteor DP8700 XL is reinforcing the solutions that CGA offers its customers thanks to the versatility of media on which it can print. "Both the wide format and the variety of materials, including plastic supports, on which this digital press can work considerably expand the internal capacities of any print shop.”, Says Miguel Madoz Director of Marketing and Head of the Consumables Division of OMC. "In addition, since the operating cost model of any MGI Meteor is not based on click, it allows the graphic industrialist to fit this press into their production structures with the same flexibility as the offset machines they already have.”.

"We are confident that the MGI Meteor DP8700 XL will allow us to offer more services to our customers and that it will be a perfect complement to our production systems.”, Concludes Mar Miguel López.

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