At Komori, we believe our mission is to deliver ever-better products and services, and we actively participate in initiatives ranging from new product development to preventive maintenance and environmental protection.

At Drupa 2012, we will present solutions that include new digital printing technologies based on the theme 'KOMORI OnDemand ' and seven subtopics, and we will present concrete solutions to our clients.

1. OffsetOnDemand Solutions
2. Solutions for packaging printing
3. Efficient and multi-flexible printing solutions
4. DigitalOnDemand Solutions
5. KOMORI Assistance
6. KOMORI ecology
7. Rotary, Chambon and KOMORI security printing

OffsetOnDemand Solutions

Visitors will attend the OffsetOnDemand demonstration, through the combination of the Lithrone G40P (40 inch eight color convertible removal offset machine equipped with H-UV), proven in numerous installations; the Lithrone S29 (29 inch five color sheet offset machine equipped with H-UV), finishing systems, the Komori Color Management System (CMS), and a digital printing system.

'OffsetOnDemand' is a system capable of managing short runs and tight deadlines, shortening set-up time, paper waste and the time necessary for printing processes, without losing the quality and productivity characteristic of offset equipment thanks to a module that covers prepress and finishing processes and integrates the most advanced digital printing technologies. The core technology is Komori's H-UV curing system, which uses a new Komori-created UV lamp and high-sensitivity UV ink. With a lamp for each side of the sheet, this system guarantees the highest print quality and reliability, as well as offering clear economic and ecological advantages.

The combination of a high-speed start-up that achieves color in just 20 sheets thanks to the highly evolved KHS-AI integrated control system and the fast drying offered by the H-UV system, allow printouts to be sent immediately to the post-production department to apply finishing processes as soon as the print is finished.

Color management is another essential component of OffsetOnDemand. By coordinating two machines with K-ColorSimulator, Komori's color management system presented at IGAS 2011, will show how to match the printed sheet with the output of a print-on-demand system based on the machine's profile. offset and a digital proof.

The print-on-demand system will print in the gaps of a page printed on the offset machine, and the result will be included in the final product. The printed sheets will allow comparisons between offset and digital print quality and will demonstrate the current state of color matching.
Solutions for packaging printing

The new one Lithrone GX40 Carton (40-inch six-color offset machine equipped with H-UV and varnishing unit) is the ideal machine for packaging printing and special applications. The demonstration will show the ability to print with H-UV on heavyweight and specialty media, and will present practical cases of packaging printing with H-UV. This machine will have special specifications, such as a high resolution inspection system that is essential for printing on rigid supports and a conveyor system that facilitates the transport of the material.

With a Lithrone G40 (40 inch five color sheet fed offset machine equipped with IR and varnishing unit) additionally, the high quality of printing and varnishing on thin and thick sheets will be demonstrated through the combination of conventional ink and aqueous varnish, and the very high basic performance of the Lithrone G40.

The Lithrone GX40 Carton with varnishing unit is a new machine ideal for printing on heavy materials. The demonstration will highlight H-UV's ability to print on heavy paper and specialty media and job changes, including the varnish unit, in value-added printing. The machine is equipped with an automatic plate changing system (Full-APC) that takes care of sequence control for the fastest possible plate change, as well as a high resolution PQA-S system that uses two cameras to detect printing defects, a problem with great relevance in packaging printing. The PDC-SX on the control panel can measure special colors, commonly used in packaging production, and allows you to inspect and maintain a high level of print quality. The machine will also have special specifications for thick papers, such as Komori's non-stop exit system and the roller belt system for transporting paper.

Another Lithrone G40 with a coating unit will be used in a presentation that aims to showcase the performance of the machine. High quality printing and varnishing will be emphasized on light and thick substrates, with job changes using a combination of conventional ink and aqueous varnish.
Efficient and multi-flexible printing solutions

new range of machines has joined the Lithrone series. Aimed at the A1 market, the Lithrone A37 (37-inch four-color machine), equipped with the core performance and technologies of Lithrone S machines, will make its debut at drupa. Representing the Enthrone series, the model Enthrone 29P (29-inch five-color convertible take-off offset press) will also be seen for the first time at drupa. Both models are very easy to use machines that offer high print quality and high performance.

A new range of machines joins the Lithrone family. Intended for the A1 market, the Lithrone A37 will make its debut at drupa. This machine is designed for full performance and incorporates all the basic functions of the Lithrone S Series machines.

Also in the salon, the Enthrone 29P will be unveiled for the first time in a five-color perfector configuration. The Enthrone is suitable for producing a wide range of short-run jobs with stable print quality. Plus, thanks to the stepless drive-side design and compact dimensions, the Enthrone 29 fits into any space. This machine offers a working efficiency that allows to increase margins and guarantee a solid growth.
Both machines will demonstrate print efficiency, the ability to adapt to a wide range of jobs, and print quality by alternating between heavy and low weight media.

DigitalOnDemand Solutions

In this edition of drupa, Komori will take his first step into a whole new realm. At the IGAS 2011 fair a POD (print on demand) system was presented as an OffsetOnDemand module, illustrating the connection between digital and offset. In drupa, a POD system will be shown as part of OffsetOnDemand. In addition, it is also will show two new prototypes of digital printing machines.

Two prototypes, one New 20 Inch Four Color Roll Digital Inkjet Printing Machine and one 29-inch four-color digital inkjet machinewill be presented for the first time at drupa as new Komori solutions. In addition, a digital color printing machine will be introduced for the first time as a print-on-demand system, and the demonstration will showcase its potential for synergy with a sheet-fed offset press as part of the OffsetOnDemand solutions.