Miyakoshi, main player in the manufacture and commercialization, worldwide, of machinery of semi-rotary offset printing, rotary and digital coil for the graphic market of the high quality label printing ; bet, clearly, by the European market.

The global printing market is shrinking and only the labels and packaging markets show growth rates. But even within this growth trend, orders within the world of hashtag They are ever smaller and with high quality standards.

It is in this market range, very high quality labels in small and medium runs, that Miyakoshi has the advantage of its wide and recognized experience and its technology in the offset equipment development and digital specifically designed to respond to these requirements. You could say that we have the right product at the right time.

Our flagship, the UV offset semi-rotary Miyakoshi MLP, has been specifically designed to meet these market peculiarities by combining high offset technology, productivity, performance… In a solid and robust construction. This allows a maximum and constant speed printing up to 300i / m, regardless of repeat length (up to a maximum of 406.4mm), with fast change times thanks to its complete automatic electronic system.

Finally, your tension control system patented, based on 2 servo-motor rollers in the unwinding unit and 2 in the rewinding unit, ensures a accurate record and a stable tension control at full speed.

Very recognized and prestigious label printing companies at European level (see Autajon Group, Argraf and b2Pack; for example) they have opted for us and that endorses and reinforces our brand as a leading supplier and manufacturer. Our technology together with the confidence of having a technical service, after sales and spare parts, located in Europe, have made it possible.

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