We are back. And without time for much more if we would like to stand out two "pearls" heard in the presentations of the XX Congress ANFEC 2018. There were many good ones but these "penetrated" into our little brain.

«EXCLUSIVITY, FLEXIBILITY and PRICE», Bárbara Mendoza Olea, Director of Operations of Loewe Perfumes «The market asks us, with increasing force, exclusive products and high reactivity to their demands. Unique products in which the consumer perceives that we have listened to him, collected all his wishes and needs and has transformed them into something unique for him »

«In the end, or are you DIFFERENT or are you CHEAP»By Guy Kawasaki by Laureano Turienzo de Retail News Trends «As in let's be unique, we will resist better"

Exclusivity, customization, flexibility, uniqueness ... All this, in the practice of the label market, is summarized, in many cases, in shorter and shorter runs with increasingly special and / or personalized finishes and increasingly shorter delivery times. Summarizing, EVERY TIME MORE ... EVERYTHING!

How can you, as a label manufacturer, respond to this environment?

The technology is a tool that should allow the label printer to be able to respond to the intrinsic characteristics of your market and the development of all the benefits and opportunities offered by digital printing and new customizable 3D finishing techniques It will allow them to respond to this demand.

For the demanding label market, MGI Digital Technology presents his 2D / 3D UV inkjet coater + iFOIL (Hot-Foil) 100% digital, JETvarnish 3D Web; which joins its prestigious offering of JETvarnish 3D digital finishing products.

JETvarnish 3D Web is the first finishing machine (varnished, with reservations, 2D / 3D + Hot-FOil 100% digital) in coil. Its JETvarnish 3D technology is a national leader, with 4 installations (2 in Truyol Digital, 1 in NEO Group, 1 in NewlakJETvarnish 3D (commercial printing) and 1 installation (Drimpak) JETvarnish 3D Evo (packaging).

JETvarnish 3D Web is a high productivity industrial press that also incorporates a artificial intelligence-based sheet registration system (AIS) used by all JETvarnish equipment, and that allows to achieve a perfect registration from the first tag.

They say better 1 image what 1,000 words and 1 video more than 1,000 images:

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