Rotimpres, recognized and prestigious provider of printing services, specialized in both Coldset and Heatset press production, has recently acquired its second Komori heatset press.

This time, it is the Komori System 38S 16-page offset press.

"We are very pleased to be the option chosen by Rotimpres for this second heatset press and thus continue the project started with the first 32-page Komori System 38D. This decision only increases our self-demand to try to exceed Rotimpres's expectations and thus correspond with the new show of confidence. We value very positively Rotimpres's commitment to this market, which, although it has undergone significant regulation, is experiencing new opportunities to which the new machine acquired by Rotimpres is optimally adapted " indicates Enrique Rodríguez García, Director General of the WTO.

"Komori heatset presses combine a set of technical innovations adapted to the 100% to the current and demanding market and printing conditions: short runs, greater number of job and format changes, high demands on print quality ... etc" Enrique remarks.

It was in 2009 when Rotimpres acquired its first Komori offset press, the 32-page System 38D. "The Komori System 38D press was integrated to strengthen the commercial printing on coated paper side of the business"; says Pere Carreras, General Director of Rotimpres. “The need to adapt to market demands and expand production capabilities in smaller formats was the main reason for integrating the 32-page Komori System 38D. Since that date, Rotimpres has successfully positioned itself in the quality catalog and magazine printing market. " remarks.

“It is for this reason, and in order to complement and be able to serve the orders we receive from our customers, that we have decided to purchase a new Komori press, in this case with 16 pages. With this second Komori offset press, we maintain the line and path marked in 2009, the need for advanced automation options. The rapid change of formats with reduced waste is decisive since there are increasingly shorter runs. The System 38S is a last generation rotary press equipped with all automatisms. It has a very high print quality and really low production costs, especially in short and medium runs ” emphasizes Pere Carreras.

“Likewise, the automation of adjustment and work preparation of the Komori System 38S they are a fundamental factor in making these short runs efficiently, quickly and with a very low waste. The decision to buy a machine from the Komori company again was made, basically, because of the high quality and reliability that the previous machine has shown us. The new press will start printing in January 2015 and will allow Rotimpres to be the leader in the market for high-quality printing and maximum customer service ", concludes Pere Carreras

“To stay competitive, in any manufacturing industry, you have to invest in the latest technology. The graphics industry does not differ from this and knowing that the runs are increasingly reducing, reducing paper waste and change times is increasingly important. Komori, as a proven and recognized manufacturer of innovation technologies for start-up (make-ready), is able to satisfy and cover this market need, allowing the most modern printers to compete and produce with high levels of print quality " says Tony Carter, Director of the Komori Distributor Network.

“Actually, we have three reasons to congratulate Rotimpres on their decision to invest in our technology. First of all, because it is a very good sign for the market, which shows that Spain is back on track and it is time for the graphics industry to consolidate its place in the world of communications. Second, because it is a renewal investment; WTO is our historic distributor in Spain and Komori responded to customer expectations in line with our Kando philosophy. And last but not least, Rotimpres is an established, professional and successful company that acts as our best ambassador to promote Komori solutions. " concludes Philippe Fiol, Managing Director of Komori France.

Once this new press is installed, Rotimpres will have a printing section of about 2,400m2 divided into two perfectly separated rooms according to offset printing, be it Coldset or Heatset. In the Coldset area you will have two KBA COMET printing presses and in the Heatset zone you will have 2 KOMORI presses: SYSTEM 38D with 32 pages and SYSTEM 38S with 16 pages.

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