SMAG Graphique (Division of SRAMAG SAS), a French company with more than 60 employees, manufacturer of machinery and finishing solutions for the label market adhesives and the flexible packaging industry; has selected us as its new exclusive Distributor and Importer in Spain.

«OMC has extensive, extensive and proven experience in the Spanish graphic arts market. They are a benchmark in the import, marketing, support and technical service of machinery, equipment and consumables in the graphic sector. Recently, they have transferred their knowledge and good work to the self-adhesive label market, breaking into it strongly with the help of Miyakoshi, manufacturer of UV offset semi-rotaries. Our current and consolidated range of finishing equipment (stamping, varnishing, embossing, laminating, hot-foil ...) fits perfectly in your commercial proposal to this market and SMAG reinforces its presence, quantitatively and qualitatively, in the national printing and finishing market of self-adhesive labels. The correct commercialization of our equipment comes from the balanced combination between sales and technical service and OMC offers both in a market that needs, values and recognizes it » says Stépahne Rateu, Manager of SMAG Graphique.

Within its wide range of machinery and finishing solutions for labels, its SMAG Digital Galaxie; off-line modular machine for finishing self-adhesive labels: varnishing, screen printing, hot-foil, cold-foil stamping and relief; online. The machine has the same advantages as flat screen printing technology (low cost screens, ink density and opacity, chemical resistance and special effects), but it also offers new functionalities such as:

  • New SP high speed flat screen printing module: speeds up to 30m / min.
  • New high speed hot stamping module: speeds up to 40m / min.
  • New high speed flat die cutting module: speeds up to 40m / min.

and other available options:

  • Flexo UV
  • UV flat screen printing (30m / min)
  • Laminate
  • High speed flat hot stamping (40m / min)
  • Stamping film savings
  • High speed embossing (35m / min)
  • Semi-rotary hot stamping (35m / min)
  • Cold stamping
  • High speed flat die (35m / min)
  • Semi-rotary die cutting
  • Laser cutting module: Spartanics X350 (90m / min)

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