The label industry It is one of the best performing within the graphic communication industry. In addition, their forecasts, for the next few years, augur a very positive future for the sector, especially for offset and digital technologies.

The Self-adhesive labels continue to lead the way in a 'complex market', which is subject to continued growth in the offset printing and digital and product diversification.The total demand for labels in 2017 will increase by more than 3%, a clear indicator that the sector is strong and well established. Western European label makers continue to dominate the majority of the market, but more than a third of brand owners indicated that they are looking for labels in other geographic areas, such as Eastern Europe.

Are detected three main trends in the sector: customization and complexity, sustainability and globalization. The complexity (providing high added value to the label) in the elaboration and production of the labels, together with the promotion of handmade look, with labels that seek to highlight the natural origin of the product; confer on the offset printing technology a clear prominence scenario. We cannot and must not forget that the volume of print runs continues to contract, which is why we are located in an environment of high complexity and technical demand, in short and medium productions or runs, where we will seek the highest possible profitability.

Miyakoshi UV offset technology adapts perfectly to the conditions or market circumstances exposed. Our UV offset technology enables self-adhesive label printers to respond to the most interesting and profitable production segment which is none other than the 500-30,000m runs of high quality or high added value labels (different processes and / or finishes).

Our semi-rotary offset UV Miyakoshi MLP-C, MLP-E and MLP-HBoth in traditional UV and UV Waterless, they are our technological answer to a demanding label printing market that seeks and requires maximum efficiency.

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