You probably think you've already seen it all in the world of digital printing.

You probably also think that Toshiba was not a digital printer manufacturer for the demanding print quality environment of a Graphic Arts press.

Probably, just probably, you're wrong about both.

That is at least what many printers have already been able to verify (offset printers, digital printers, copy shops, reprographics ...) who have had the curiosity to check the performance, productive capacity and printing quality of the Toshiba range of digital printers for Graphic Arts Printers; Toshiba e-STUDIO5540CSE, e-STUDIO6540CSE and e-STUDIO6550CSE.

Toshiba Digital Printing Machine for Graphic Arts Printing

Medium / high production digital printers with a printing potential that surprises the most incredulous. Equipped with a Fiery PRO Specific for Graphic Arts, it shows a very wide range of colors and / or chromatic tonal values (spectrophotometry).

This print quality can be easily appreciated by any printing professional but it is fully endorsed and demonstrated in any FograCert process certification with respect to ISO 12647-7. FOGRA / ISO guarantees obtaining results of consistent and measurable quality.

All that remains is to see it with your own eyes and see the great possibilities and performance that you can obtain with the range of digital printers for Toshiba Graphic Arts Printing.

When you have seen it, you will understand why we said that you were probably, just probably wrong in both statements or initial thoughts.

Take advantage of the Toshiba Digital Duo offer, with special conditions for both digital printers Printing Press Graphic Arts as for any Toshiba multifunction printer, printer or copier that you might need in your SME Office environment.

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