I never thought this day would come but ... it's time to leave our business.

Exhausted. Exhausted. I can not anymore. I want but I can not. My body can't take it anymore. My clutch, square and rammer are not what they were. I already have a lot of slack. Everything hurts. And it hurts more to have to leave you. They have been many years together, I know. But I can no longer give you what you need. I think the time has come. It will be good for both of us. You will see. Thank you for your loyalty and love. Never forget you. I hope you don't either. Good luck with your new partner. You will be an excellent couple.

P.S: I'll leave you the phone902 906 980) and e-mail (info@omcsae.com) of my favorite. I have always wanted the best for you and now will not be an exception. Wohlenberg has everything you need now.

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