More than 500 visitors from all over Europe participated in the opening days of the new Komori Graphic Center in Utrecht (Holland).

Satoshi Mochida, President and COO of Komori Corporation, traveled from Tokyo to inaugurate the new Komori Graphic Center (KGC) in Europe, located at the Komori headquarters in Utrecht, The Netherlands, from October 14 to 16.

In his inaugural speech, which was attended by Jan Van Zanen, Mayor of Utrecht, and various special guests from the local and international level, Mochida underlined Komori's confidence in the future of printing, the good complementation of offset and digital technologies, and the importance for the company of its orientation towards diversified activities: "Komori has grown from a specialized offset press manufacturer to a provider of print engineering solutions, and we are fully confident in our mission to deliver solutions that break new ground for our customers."

The graphics industry has changed a lot in recent years, but Komori has always managed to address its evolution by listening and adapting to the market, and even anticipating its needs thanks to its Kando philosophy, which seeks to offer Komori users and potential customers products. and services that exceed your expectations. The sum of important R&D initiatives, technological collaborations with prominent suppliers from different fields and continuous improvement programs within the framework of the Recognized Japanese Kaizen concept has enabled Komori to become the second supplier of sheet-fed machines in Europe, and in the leading energy efficient drying company thanks to its acclaimed H-UV instant drying technology, which is now also used on presses.

Komori's new corporate approach is reflected in its growing product range, which expands its core business to new segments such as digital printing, printed electronics, security printing, finishing, and new offerings from K-Supplies, certified consumables. Komori, and KomoriKare Extended Support Services.

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The grand opening of the new KGC-E renovated and expanded it was the ideal occasion for Komori demonstrate the new advances of its technology on 4 models of printing machine and also to improve conventional, UV and H-UV printing applications. The advantages of the exclusive H-UV instant drying system, "Which has already exceeded 650 orders worldwide, 150 of which from Europe in the last 5 years", as President Mochida emphasized, they were demonstrated in a withdrawal machine to 8 colors GL-840P and one GL-540 + 5-color coating unit.

While the LS-529 + varnishing unit was tasked with demonstrating Komori's exceptional print quality, the Lithrone GX-40, the new Komori flagship, was the target of all eyes with its productivity of 18,000 plh thanks to a high level of automation, control technologies and logistics.

During the three days of the event, 14 associated companies, all of them leaders in their respective fields, met at the Technological Networking Forum to offer European users of Komori lthe best solutions to increase your production efficiency and profitability, expand your creativity and explore new markets:

- Apex, with its conventional anilox rollers and high precision GTT,
- Baldwin, with its H-UV lamps and Prepac cleaning systems,
- Böttcher, with its chemicals and rollers,
- Continental, with its Conti-Air rubber technology,
- Draabe, with its humidification systems,
- Eltosch Grafix, with its anti-scale dust extraction systems,
- Kodak, with its plates and prepress and workflow equipment,
- Printgraph, with its Finito risers for printing rubbers and its innovative wrapping film,
- Prisco, with its wide range of chemicals for the offset workshop,
- Schmid Rhyner, with his varnishes,
- Technotrans, with its fountain water circulation systems,
- Toyo, with his H-UV ink,
- Tresu, with its varnish circulators,
- Westland, with its ranges of printing and wetting rollers.

The The new Komori Graphic Center has become one of the three Komori technology hubs in the world, alongside KGC Japan, a large building within Tsukuba's ultramodern zero-emission plant, and KGC America, Komori's graphics technology center in the US Thanks to double the space and operational capacity, In addition to enhanced features as a state-of-the-art showroom with themed corners, a Printing College, a Creative Lounge, and pioneering education and training facilities, the KGC-E is the ideal place to demonstrate Komori solutions for packaging, PrintOnDemand, H-UV and value-added printing to European printers.

It has also been redesigned to allow optimal testing of K-Supplies, Komori approved and certified consumables, and to facilitate KomoriKare's wide range of services: software and hardware updates, printing machine inspection and performance audits, as well. such as training and special technical assistance.

In the words of Akihiro Komori, President of Komori International (Europe): "Our new Komori Graphic Center in Europe is proof of our willingness to continue expanding our presence in Europe, have a wide range of equipment, products and services that extend beyond our offset roots, and open new paths for our customers".

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